View Full Version : chili motor question?

2012.04.09, 06:16 PM
whats the verdict-- can these buggies handle it? i'm refering to the PCB only. understandably the axles,diffs,gears etc. will take a hit,but what about the board????:confused: thanks john

2012.04.10, 05:08 AM
I'd guess not,just like any other 2.4ghz mini-z board. It would need fetting.

2012.04.10, 04:36 PM
Not according to Atomic Mods.

"Buggy will take the chilli with stock FET's! "


2012.04.10, 07:16 PM
i saw the youtube video. and that where my confusion comes in. any other input or a place to look for the info would be appriciated. or if u know someone to contact. that would be really helpful. i dont like abusing my toys.;)

2012.04.16, 07:53 AM
I asked directly from AtomicMods and they said that you can use chili motor without any mods just donīt run the larger pinions. But they also said that the stock R motor is better because it has a lot of torque.

2013.08.27, 07:10 PM
If I recall, the Chili motor works with stock FETs when running on AAA cells. Would the buggy need a FET upgrade for an Atomic Stock-R motor running off a 2s LiPo battery? What FETs would it need anyway? Would the 4562's work? http://www.atomicmods.com/4562-FET-p/10103.htm

I would rather spend <10 bucks to upgrade the FETs than risk burning something out on a >200 dollar car, so I'm really just asking what FETs I need.