View Full Version : Kyosho 10degree tires

2012.04.12, 06:43 PM
Just bought some and havn't gotten a chance to use them yet. Does anyone have experiance with these? I've been using kyosho 20's. I plan on using them with 30's in front.

180SX SR20
2012.04.14, 02:30 AM
Give them a try you Wuss!

2012.04.16, 01:09 PM
Lol like the post 180. I tried them briefly this past weekend and really like them so far. I had well used 30 slicks on the fronts and they did pretty good, a little push in the front but worked better then I figured. Next I want to try them with 20 fronts.

2012.04.16, 01:32 PM
I'm currently using ky 10 tires on the rear and 20 on the front running on our low-grip circuit and this combination is the best!
the other side of the medal is the (high) price! :(

180SX SR20
2012.04.16, 11:24 PM
we run on a carpet track, more like thick felt. I usually run softer radials for rears. 30/F 20/R. Danny, we'll see this Thursday if your 10d radials work.

2012.05.07, 05:10 PM
They worked great, but they wear down too fast for my taste, and at 1000yen for only 4....dont know how often i'll be using them.

2012.05.10, 03:53 AM
I used them at the Kyosho Fall Classic to qualify 2nd and finish 1st in GT Stock, they are good but wear down entirely too fast. I end up getting the same average performance from Kyosho's 20d radials over the course of a run.

For Mod, they may be useful in laying down more power, but they would become one-run tires as Mod power would demolish the tread within a few minutes.