View Full Version : eurus ant. mod.- just a FYI

2012.04.12, 11:29 PM
so i got a used eurus.:) it came with a 902s module that had the ant. mod done to it. so i gently took the radio apart to see what it was all about. no big deal. pull wire out blah,blah,blah. so now come my new 902sm for my mini-z's.

the rubber factory antenna mast on both modules are the same length, so it stands to reason that the ant. wire would be the same on both. NOT!!!:eek:

the mini z module ant. wire is about 1/3the length! so doing the mod is impossible. the only thing that can be done is shorting the rubber antenna mast to about 1/2 its length because the tube is empty in the upper half. just a FYI. dont waste ur time.