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2012.04.13, 07:24 AM
Just got the new MF-015. I did the basic hop ups, king pins, bearings and Kyosho ball diff. Stock tires are good on RCP, 40s on the front and 20s on rear.

I am looking at the new Route 246 mount with DPS. Does any of the Mantis bumper, wing or t-plate work on the new F-1? Any suggestions on springs for the front and rear.

I am running with the stock X-speed at 9t and it seems ok.

So far, I havent had a problem with tweaks or shimming like some of the older posts state. What I find curious is that even at 130mm wheelbase, the car actually turns very well.

Christopher Rc
2012.04.13, 03:16 PM
I have the R-246 mount on my MF-015 and I'm really happy whit it, but I needed to adjust my PN 43t motor to get it to fit though, I'm also borrowing Runes bumper and bargeboard, an it all fits perfectly. I was gonna use the T-plate but ended up not to, because i wanted to drive the thing :P also a little downside whit the T-plate imo. is that you will need to remove it to change your batteries, but from what I can tell it all should fit :)
heres a pic of mine whit the parts installed: