View Full Version : Mobile Racing Trailer for SlotCars and Simulators

2012.04.13, 03:23 PM
I have been trying to scrape up the funding to do this for some time, but I recently decided to use a crowd-funding website.

I am building a trailer, to house up to 8 simultors to mostly run LFS, I plan to setup at various events, car shows, festivals etc... as many as I can book the space for.

I have enough RCP track that I could also do Dnanos or Mini-Zs but I will need more cars.

A visit here will answer most questions, if not create more...

With no video, a high goal, and not much in the way of perks that I can actually ship out, I am not expecting it to succeed, but I am very hopefull.
The MiX will be the next project ;)


2012.05.01, 01:43 PM
Updated Design...