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2012.04.14, 06:46 PM
I want to apologize to everyone for making the last 2 races fairly miserable with the unpredictable track. I would not have thought for a minute that it would not unpack and race like the past 3 tracks we've had. I made the decision to replace the track and I bear the responsibility to correct the problem.

The little bright spot to this years club investment is that we will soon be rid of depending on core alone. I'll have the bridge done in about a week. I am at the mercy of trp fulfillment to replace the kit I got 2 weeks ago, which took over 3 weeks to get.

Again, I apologize to everyone for upending the end of HFAY season 13.

2012.04.16, 06:06 PM
It's not your fault. Nobody would've thought that a brand new track would be like that straight out the box. And core and flipside would proved to be unreliable lately. Even when you came down here to race my core and flipside software didn't work half the time. We should have two wide L's to race on by next HFAY. And hopefully trp fixed your giro z.

2012.04.17, 07:27 AM
even so, it was a decision that has cause a good deal of frustration and stress, for which i'm sorry. race day is for me a day of stress release, or it is meant to be. i look forward to race days as a chance to do something other than work. i was very disappointed as many of you were.

giro-z replacement has shipped to PN, just waiting for it to get to them, then ship to me. could be this week, could be another 2 weeks, no real details were provided so it's anyone's guess. lets just say i won't be ordering giro-z system again. i'm equally disappointed with both of my investment purchases for the club. if everyone else (other clubs and sponsored series) were not already using giro-z, i would have gone with i-lap but that meant everyone had to buy yet another pricey transponder and i did not want to go that route for obvious reasons.

the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished...

2012.04.17, 08:53 AM
tracking shows double line clamps will be delivered today! i can complete wire leg design work as soon as i get actual measurements of these. also need to pick up 3/16 fasteners but that should be easy.

2012.04.17, 09:26 AM
did washing the track improve the traction at all?

2012.04.17, 10:26 AM
yes, we posted the results for that to special edition thread.

2012.04.30, 07:52 PM
great news! after much frustration i've got Giro-Z installed and working! tested with both ZRound and FlipSide (thanks to jeremy) and both are working.

2012.05.01, 11:37 AM
Sweet! Hope it's works better.

2012.05.17, 07:22 AM
guys, i will be replacing the track computer with a computer that is a couple years younger than the current computer. the replacement will also support dual monitors which will be needed as i will also bring a 20" 6:9 monitor which the race results will be displayed on while the business end is displayed on the smaller monitor. this will allow you guys to check out the the results while i'm busy doing other things.

2012.05.25, 07:45 PM
guys, will be swinging by HW saturday morning to pick up the boded grey track and delivering to Remnant if anyone wants to head over to Remnant for a short while to run around the track a bit.