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2012.04.15, 08:34 PM
Racers from all over the world enjoy the thrill from the Mini Z. This is more than just a hobby, this is a fast pace action sport. Mini Z's racers enjoy the fellowship of other racers, but don't let all that brotherly love fool you.These racers take this sport seriously. Blood sweat and tears go into every race. Sometimes rubbing is not always racing. This sport, no different than others requires curtsy and manors. Tempers sometime flair when certain etiquette is not followed. This is fast pace racing and just like any other pro-stock, NASCAR, top fuel racers these drivers are serious. These drivers, men, woman, girls and boys train to handle and control these small cars. The Mini Z racer has to make sure to keep the car in shape by test and tuning. Racers practice several nights a week and race usually on the weekend. These races require racers to have a steady hand for the controller and precise tuning of the car to win the race. Winning is not the most important thing to some of these racers, it is... Having fun. Many problems accrue during these races just the same as with Nascar. From body to chassis to batteries to tires, Mini Z's have to tuned to perfection. A lot of time, money and some aggravation go into each car and driver. Oh don't let the size of these small cars fool you, these cars are not toys and should not be treated as such. A lot of dedication goes into these cars and the sport. Mini Z races take place all over the world. Check out your local Hobby shop to see if they are in your state. Get involved with this family friendly sport and Go Racing. Shop local, buy local and keep small business alive.

2012.04.17, 05:18 PM
Very well stated wife of Terry! Nice to see wives supporting there husbands in the sport! Terry is very fortunate, not many wives are so encouraging in regards to Mini-z.

Fortunately for me my wife does not mind a bit. Any how good to see you at the track!