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2012.04.16, 05:34 PM
I am looking at buying the new Hitec X4 Plus AC charger. Currently I have two of the PN S6 chargers and really like the way they work. I use these chargers for all my batteries, mostly AAA for Mini-Z and Lipo's for the rest of my other stuff.

I want to be able to charge 4 packs/sets at a time and I think the X4 plus would be the way to go. I would just add 2 more PN S6 chargers but the problem is that transporting and setting up just the 2 chargers and power supply is difficult and cumbersome and adding two more would be crazy.

The PN S6 chargers uses a step charging method that I think works pretty good as I dont think I have ever had a pack false peak. I was hoping someone had some experience with the Hitec charger on AAA's. How is it for AAA's?

2012.04.16, 05:53 PM
I would say its the same as the PN chargers, just 4 in one. Im guessing its made by same company. They work pretty much the same.

2012.04.16, 05:57 PM
I use a imax b6ac, which has the same functions as the x4. It displays the capacity of a battery (I match them so the numbers are close), charges the batteries warm, and for some reason gives a good voltage for my batteries. I currently use r1990 and I always get 6.2-6.3v, with about 800-830mah.

I know people who have the imax quattro and hitec x4, but the imax b6ac has the same functions. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

2012.04.16, 07:00 PM
i have the imax as well and it is a great charger. and for the price of 2 pn chargers its like buy one get one free. i got mine to charge 1 battery one one charger. it worked great but have since quit doing this

2012.04.17, 08:30 AM
Russ, Are you finally going to do this? you've been talking about it for 6+ months now :)