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2012.04.21, 06:21 AM
my kyosho x speed motor for mr does not want to move from idle position. but if i turn the rear wheel, it goes on full throttle until i stop. once i stop, the motor cannot move again.
any suggestion what should i do?
also can i install the x speed motor for awd in mr 03?
thx guys.

2012.04.21, 02:13 PM
Strange problem to have... is the gear mesh too tight? Something seems to be making it stick at stop. Could also be some gunk or fuzz in the motor? Is the endbell straight on the motor can? Do other motors work in the car?

It really sounds like something is binding up the drivetrain, like a chipped or smashed gear tooth or just bad gear mesh. You should be able to wiggle the spur gear teeth just a hair when they are in the pinion gear.

2012.04.21, 06:07 PM
Actually I had that happen to me twice, not with the Kyo X-Speed tho
And both times it wasn't the motors fault
First time when I really did not know any better I tightened both of the rear
lug nuts way too tight and that really hurt the preformance of the motor
This second time just happened recently when after the Winter Nats
at our local Track
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:D The Worlds Best Mini-z Track ever, Action RC2 on Staten Island, NY! :D

I forgot to clean out my PN 50t motor and it got gummed up to the point where I thought that I burned something on it, only to find that when I spray cleaned it out that it was filled up with crud
Its gotta be something simple
Keep us informed of your progress

2012.04.21, 07:40 PM
thank you for the suggestion guys.
i take out the motor from the car already. at first, i also thought the gearing mesh too tight or something.
but when i let the motor run free, it still does not move until i help to turn it by hand.
i run it using the alcohol, try to open the case and clean the inside, still stuck.
maybe the shaft of the motor isn't straigth anymore.

2012.04.21, 08:01 PM
Have you lubricated the shaft using oil?
Sounds like it may be unlubed

2012.04.21, 11:15 PM
Either a bent shaft, bad brushes, bad endbell alignment or could even be a short on the commutator? If you have the motor apart, maybe run a razor between the comm plates to make sure there isn't anything lodged between them.

Or just get a newer motor. ;) I doubt it's the board or the cells, but as always... anything is possible.

2012.04.22, 10:07 AM
can i use xspeed for awd in mr-03?