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2012.04.22, 10:17 AM
the included 3' patch cable is way to short to bring the USB adapter close to a PC. is there a cable spec i need to follow in replacing this with a 14' cable? the included cable is a cat6e stp patch cable.

2012.04.22, 01:01 PM
Ive used multiple patch cables form multiple computer stores. The one I am using now is a 50' Cat 5e cable made by Gigaware purchased at RadioShack.

2012.04.22, 01:24 PM
cool, so nothing special about it. not sure why it comes with gigabit rated cable when the average nic is 10/100. although i suppose that's old news now and most are now 10/100/1000.

2012.04.22, 01:42 PM
You can also check Tigerdirect.com
they have a large selection of cables too

2012.04.22, 02:46 PM
thanks. picked up a 25' shielded cat5e cable from amazon for $12 shipped.

2012.04.22, 03:09 PM
side question, but anyone attach their usb cord to the usb adapter? thinking it would easier to make sure the usb cord doesn't fall out, similar to the problem with the core unit.