View Full Version : Kei Car on mini-z ma-010

2012.04.24, 03:14 AM
Hi everyone this is my new body on a stock mini z ma-010 chassis. Its an Aoshima Honda City Turbo II. Only minor modifications were required to make the body fit (grinding the guards etc..) Hope you like it :D

2012.04.28, 04:33 PM
Awesome - let us know how it handles! :)

2012.04.28, 08:03 PM
love it!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

2012.05.02, 08:06 AM
Haha thanks! It handles well and look sick while its drifting. I'm currently fixing it as my friend ran it into a wall and cracked one side of it :(. I've also installed the lips and currently molding them into the body. Pics will be up soon. Any ideas on the colour? :D

2012.05.02, 12:07 PM
pink and silver with carbon hood......