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2012.04.24, 06:54 AM
Heres my Mosler. I used stickers from Patos place printed at 1:27. :)

I used a different spoiler in stead of the Mosler one & I modified it before fitting it. I had to get that sticker on there somehow... It could do with more gloss & a good polish





2012.04.24, 07:05 AM
Looks nice & look so American's Rolex 24 hrs!

2012.04.24, 07:56 AM
Great work man!

2012.04.26, 06:24 AM
pretty cool... what rear spoiler is that?

2012.04.27, 08:01 AM
Hi Herman,

Its an Atomic Single GT spoiler cut down a bit;


2012.06.25, 08:57 PM
That looks amazing, you beat me to the punch! I was looking to do a MOMO Mosler as well. Now I'll have to choose another livery! Anyhow, I went to PattosPlace and couldn't find the 1/27th decals or even MOMO for that matter. Do you have I file that you just printed on a water slide sheet? Again, very well done.

2012.06.26, 05:32 PM
Cheers for the comment. You have to ask Pato to print the decals at 1:27 scale & livery's go under names with letters removed for licensing reasons I guess. if you look for Msler or similar you'll find the Fiskins livery which is very like the Momo only it has red stripes instead of yellow & a few different sponsors. My original intention was to do both at the same time so I painted two body's in anticipation of the decals (er, stickers) arriving all the way from the other side of the world. Unfortunately only a few of the Fiskins stickers turned up so the other car never got done. Perhaps that could be one for you...

2012.06.26, 09:45 PM
Hi Herman,
Its an Atomic Single GT spoiler cut down a bit;

thanks for the info... again great work... :D

2012.06.27, 01:35 PM
The outlines of the decals reminded me that if you want to get more gloss and hide the lines, you can seal the headlights first and then dip the body in Future floor polish. :) It's almost like Kyosho's old Gloss Coat stuff in that it hides clear ridges well and doesn't eat through decals like other clear coats can.

Aside from that, flawless work. :) I was under the impression that the MOMO Mosler was actually matte black, so your interpretation would've been spot-on.

2012.06.28, 06:35 PM
I get ya... but how do you seal the headlights?

whenever I've gone near clear plastic headlights with any kind of glue its gone very wrong for me (512BB, wont be doing that again). Also I already made a mistake with a GT3RS that I'd finished & then later decided to add decals to & dipp it but DIDN'T seal the lights & yes, it leaked into them & kind of messed them up. It also made the water based paint I'd used for detailing run.

Over on this side of the pond we have "Jhonson's Klear" which I'm pretty sure is the same stuff & it's what I usually use. It's good to know that this technique will hide those sticker outlines as they are a substantially thicker than decals. I might use stickers again now.

My hat off to you color01. I have been amazed at your work time & time again