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2012.04.26, 07:38 AM
Hey gang. Well as the title asks. Is there a 90-94mm plate for the SAS pro?

2012.04.26, 08:25 AM
you just adjust the wheel base by moving the screws back on the chasis.
The Hole closest to the battery is 90mm
The 2nd hole is 94mm.
both mine are set to 94mm in this pic.

2012.04.26, 08:31 AM
Thanx but I'm pretty sure my SAS pro II with 94-98. If this is the case does that mean I can buy the 90-94 plates?

2012.04.26, 08:37 AM
Sorry. It's SAS V-III. So it is 94-98.

2012.04.26, 08:39 AM
So does the V-II 90-94mm plates fit the V-III?

2012.04.26, 08:48 AM
Sorry you are correct the earlier SAS Kit Ver II came with shorter top and bottom plates to allow for the 90mm.

The newer Ver III only come with the longer plates 94-98mm, I know you used to be able to buy a longer top and bottom plate for the Ver II. I haven't seen any shorter plates for the Ver III though.

2012.04.26, 10:25 AM
So does the V-II 90-94mm plates fit the V-III?

I dont know for sure I'll check when I get home and post pics.

2012.04.26, 02:18 PM
The plate wont fit from a verII on to a verIII. The holes to screw the plaate to the alloy diff housing are in a different place.


You can still buy reasonably priced vII's.

2012.04.26, 04:39 PM
Awesome. Thanx guys. I found on eBay 2 sets of 90-94mm plates that say they are for the ver-II but they look exactly the same as the v-III post above. I might take the risk :/

2012.04.30, 08:18 AM
or.. you could cut your 94-98mm plates to the length of 90-94mm (shorten by 4mm) and drill new holes.
The exact step by step procedure is:

- drill new holes 4mm away from the old ones and in the same axis.
- cut the old holes and file the edges

I did that to mine VerII 94-98 plates.

P.S. I think that ScoobyPete has wrong labels on the picture.. the last one (bottom) is SAS ver II plate.

EGR has (http://www.egrracing.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2658) these adapters in stock

2012.04.30, 12:41 PM
P.S. I think that ScoobyPete has wrong labels on the picture.. the last one (bottom) is SAS ver II plate.

It's deff a Ver III plate as it took it off my verIII sas.

2012.04.30, 03:56 PM
Yeah the bottom plate is verIII, that's what mine look like.

2012.05.01, 01:14 AM
Something is wrong here, or SAS v3 and SAS v2 has the same plates...
I own SAS v2 and haven't seen v3..
This is my SAS v2:

And this is SAS v3 (cannot find picture that shows the extension plates):

The first two plates look like THESE (http://www.rcatomic.com/atomic/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=1360&category_id=9&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1), and it says SAS Pro (no version)..
I assume there are four SAS versions:
- the original plastic caged SAS (no replaceable adapters);
- this SAS Pro;
- SAS Pro ver2;
- SAS Pro ver3 (stock diff. compatible);

2012.05.01, 04:34 AM
Yeah I've got VerIII because it was convenient with stock diffs