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2012.04.26, 09:50 PM
Hey gang. Just curious. Whats the benefits of converting to 2.4Ghz? Does it make much of a difference that it's worth spending $200+? At the moment I'm running 27Mhz and it runs fine. I suppose the only quarme With 27Mhz is the range is minimal. Does the 2.7Ghz have a bigger range? That would be a real winner for me.

2012.04.26, 10:23 PM
If your driving buy yourself and your car don't have glitches. Don't bother.
If you, like me, have glitches (cars suddenly turns or accelerate) then switch.

I have used KT-5 (AM), KT-18, EU-5UR and EU-10 Helios
The main difference is quality and possibilities.

You actually pay for better quality and more options.
Better respons and better feeling when driving.

But if your driving alone and just have one car, I guess you can still use your AM.
If your not competing with the clock, I guess you can still use your AM.

But if you "have" to buy a new radio, then just get the 2.4GHz.
I think range is out of the question, since the cars are so small. So if you drive more than 30m away from you, you can't really control the car precisly.

2012.04.26, 10:26 PM
It's worth it just to get rid of the chatter. And I don't think it's so much "range", I think it's just less chance of radio interferences on 2.4ghz. Running the AM Monster Z outside wasn't that bad but every once in a while it would get glitchy. Same deal indoors with lighting, electrical boxes, aluminum garage doors... and for some strange reason, the far corner of my basement.

Plus, you can shut off the controller with a 2.4 and not have the car go full throttle off the table and smash into walls and such. I still catch myself rushing to shut the car off when I realise I turned off the controller first.

2.4 solved all that.

2012.04.26, 11:07 PM
Yeah I suppose I have no need for it atm. If my receiver ever blows then I'll look into it. But for now I'll stay AM. Thanx heaps guys.