View Full Version : lexan replacement windows and shell flex?

2012.04.27, 09:27 AM
So at our last GTG I had an interesting discussion with another member about lexan windows:

He had made up an f430gt with a lexan window and found that the overall handling of his car became less consistent. After discussing changes for a while he realized that the body's window was different and reverted back to a different F430 with a standard window...

Consistency returned!

I don't believe I'm good enough of a driver to notice the difference so I'm curious enough to ask around whether or not others have experienced some sort of shell flex that creates an inconsistency described above.

2012.04.27, 03:52 PM
Shell flex is a good thing IMO. You want the extra flex to tame the car's twitch response and generate more grip mid-corner. My performance has only gotten better since the Lexan windows came out, and that's on several different tracks too.

What you may want to look out for: The Lexan removes a lot right of the top so the car leans less and leans faster than before. If the difference is large you can suffer from something similar to chatter, except that more damping on a lighter car won't fix it- you should definitely spring a little softer in that case.

Some Lexan windows also leave an air gap between body and window; I notice the car is better behaved when this gap is sealed with glue. Aero or flex? Dunno yet. :)

2012.04.27, 05:30 PM
I have driven the car Derek is talking about. With the lexan window the car was probably faster but much much tougher to drive, it became very unforgiving in the corners. When I got it right it was wicked fast but the rest of the time it bit me. It was far from relaxing to drive.