View Full Version : Mini-z Le Mans

2012.04.27, 11:52 PM
Hey gang,

Just curious what Z uses the Mazda 787B. I love the787B as a car & as a mini-z. I have an MA-010 at the moment & wouldn't mind a slimmer chassis to run Le Mans shells.

2012.04.28, 12:10 AM
Width isn't the issue, it's the length. The LM Mazda is a 102mm wheelbase. I don't know if there is a conversion out there for an AWD to get it to 102mm. My wheel wells are cutout in the back of my Mazda so I xan run it at 98mm.

The body fits on MR02 and 03, just have to either get a 102 motor mount, or one of the adjustable ones out now.

2012.04.28, 12:36 AM
Simple answer would be a MR02 LM or MR03 LM chassis.

2012.04.28, 01:02 AM
Sweet. Ill look into mr-03 lm rtr

2012.04.28, 05:42 AM
LM is so cool to drive.
Love the rims on the Mazda.

But what I don't like is the wheels. Those are not so easy to get and they don'tcome in many different degres.

I love my Porsche 962 with PN43T motor, it's a blast to drive.