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2012.04.29, 07:38 PM

we started racing with timing system it was a blast

rodney won both heats and the main

billy ran 2nd

6 cars ran and it looked fun plenty of rubbing and wrecks

we did not print results but i wrote them down and they are at the shop

cant wait to do it again

2012.05.02, 12:19 AM
sooo what exactly is ice racing?

2012.05.02, 06:10 AM
Racing on a no traction surface with less than no traction tires. Similar to dirt track racing just a lot cleaner and on a road course.

Daddy Rabbit
2012.05.02, 11:23 AM
What scale? Full or what?:confused:

2012.05.02, 12:15 PM
Were running the Traxxas I think 1/18 scale Mustangs and ralley cars. With stock tires. bassically Drift racing. A bunch of fun..


2012.05.02, 05:56 PM
1/16 scale :D

2012.05.03, 12:17 AM
where do yall run this at? sounds like a whole lot of fun. we are trying to get a 1/10 scale parking lot race going. im excited about expanding my r/c experience. any of yall race 1/10th scale?

2012.05.03, 05:43 AM
Not a path I would choose again. I'm still trying to get rid of all the gear from the last adventure of extreme depletion of disposable income.

The cool thing about these cars is it is basically a box stock class so it is equal for everybody.

We use half the parking lot at High Speed and the loading dock as a drivers stand. Timing is I-lap same as indoors so there is nothing else to purchase.

2012.05.03, 09:24 AM
I used to race 1/10 and 1/8 scale also 1/12 scale electric and nitro. The best thing i can tell you about racing is.... Find 1 thing and race that. It gets very expensive racing multiple rc classes. You end up with no time or money to keep up in all the classes. It is fun to dabble in different things. But just race one type.

2012.05.03, 10:52 PM
yes i understand that i shouldnt get in to many different forms of racing. We however are doing a box stock 1/10 scale race. out of the box ready to run kyosho fazers right now. comes stock with a 27T motor. I used to run nitro (more of bashing lol) I enjoy nitro but landon is showing me the wordl of ELECTRIC. It's a lot of fun so far.... mike message me with what kind of stuff you have for sale and i will see if there is anything i may be interested in. thanks again. I may be making a weekend trip up to charlotte to see my brother hohpefully this time i get to stop in and race a little.

2012.05.04, 06:06 AM
Will do. There should be at least two cars plus quite a bit of electronics gear.

2012.05.10, 09:09 PM
ice racing resumes sat may 19,2012

start time will be around 11am or 12pm

2012.06.13, 06:08 PM
Well!!!! I ran my first ice road race this past saturday!!!! I know i said find one thing to race and stick with that. But with no extra parts to buy[no making it handle better or go faster] i figured what the heck. Man was it a blast. As far as go faster , shoot you dont need the speed it already has. That was an amazing race. O ya, rodney!!!! I am coming for you the next race..... With a little more practice.... Im going to give you a run for your money.:)

2012.07.19, 08:12 PM
we will be running an ice race on july 21st at hsh at 2pm

hope to see some racers

2012.07.20, 04:36 PM
it appears that it is going be storming on sat check weather

2012.07.21, 08:23 AM
doesnt appear to be any outside racing today

2012.08.25, 12:33 PM
outside racing a week from today!!! :D We need a few people to help set up the track and take it down.

2012.08.25, 01:50 PM
I'm in........

2012.08.25, 07:47 PM
I'll be in Ohio I think :rolleyes:

2012.08.25, 08:32 PM
I'll be there. Hopefully Cade also.

2012.08.30, 01:27 PM
me tooooooooooooooooooooooo

2012.08.31, 11:42 AM
What time do we start and set the track up?

2012.08.31, 04:40 PM
races start at2 setup around noon

2012.09.01, 04:15 PM
here are the results from the ice race

sorry the results are so grainy they are written by hand


2012.09.01, 07:50 PM
thank you all for the ice race today. Thanks to blessedDecor for making it possible. The pink held up really well today. The entire team worked hard to make this victory possible. JJust had to do that, probably the only time Ill get a victory. no matter it was a lot of fun.win lose or draw i'll race it again.

2012.09.02, 08:08 AM
next ice race will be September 15 2012

2012.09.15, 03:06 PM
sat. september 15,2012 ice race results

rodney takes 1st

mike m. takes 2nd

2012.09.17, 03:24 PM
I still would like to thank the blessed decor race team. They did an awsome job getting the car together. I would like to appoligize at this time because: I just could not pull it together as their driver. I let thenm all down. SORRY!

2012.09.22, 10:33 PM
october 6 2012 will be the next ice race date

2012.11.16, 08:52 AM
The next ice race will be november 24th. Look forward to all who ccan make it. As long as there is no rain we will race.

2012.11.23, 07:49 AM
Who's ready to do it sideways!



2012.11.25, 07:39 AM
november 24 2012 ice race results

it was a cold fun day

Daddy Rabbit
2012.12.12, 07:43 AM
Hey guys at HSH......Are you guys racing 1/16 scale electric?:cool:
Are any of you running an orange Boss Mustang?;)
What lap counting system are you using outside?:)

2012.12.12, 08:25 AM
Yes. We are running the Mustangs. Some re bodied as Camaro's and shoe box 55's plus the trucks. Using I-lap. Same as indoors.

Daddy Rabbit
2012.12.12, 12:28 PM
Thanks Mike.....But is anyone running an orange Mustang?

2012.12.12, 01:10 PM
Hey Dr no one runs the orange mustang body yet think Rodney has one but it is one he is selling

Daddy Rabbit
2012.12.14, 06:01 AM
Michael....Is Rodney selling the car or just the body?:confused:
Are you guys running brush:( or brushless?:)

2012.12.14, 07:07 AM
he is selling the whole car

we are running both brushed and brushless

Daddy Rabbit
2012.12.14, 08:22 AM
Thanks Albert, what Saturdays do you guys run?

2012.12.14, 01:50 PM
whenever a meeting of the minds says hey you guys wanna race this saturday (lol) no set schedule i think they are talking about running saturday 22nd

2012.12.18, 09:29 AM
Hey dr! If you want just a body i have one. Dont use any more. I switched to the camaro. It is a bit used because the car was used when i got it.

2012.12.22, 07:41 PM
12-22-2012 ice racing

2013.01.04, 05:30 PM
there will be an ice race tomorrow jan 5th race will start at 2pm

2013.01.05, 09:01 PM
jan5 ,2013 ice race results

we are going to set a schedule for ice racing on the 1st saturday of every month
march 2nd
april 6th
may 4th
will post more dates at a later time

2013.02.02, 03:22 PM
feb. 2 ,2013 ice race results

Mike Keely
2013.02.03, 08:55 AM
Hi guys, again not trying to invade on your thread. As I hope most of you know that we have a 4 hour enduro coming up on March 16th here in MD. I am trying to get a feel for any teams that where planning on coming. We are about a month away but we have not really heard any buzz about other clubs coming. If anyone was planning on coming please send me a private message. I feel that we will need to cancel the race at the hobby shop were it is being held if it looks like we don't have enough teams. Thanks guys. MK

2013.02.07, 08:52 PM
since the cc race will be the 1st saturday in march we will push back the ice race till MARCH 9th the 2nd saturday in march hope everyone can attend

2013.03.01, 09:14 AM
I'm ready to race!

2013.03.08, 05:04 PM
hey guys i will be at the shop between 1230 and 1 have to work but i will be there

2013.03.08, 06:51 PM
I will not be there:(

2013.03.09, 03:32 PM
Was like a kid in a candy shop today. More mini-z and ice racing please! :D

2013.03.10, 08:11 PM
3-9-2013 saturday ice race results

2013.04.03, 08:30 AM
Isn't this the weekend for the ice? Could make for a busy weekend. Autofair plus the "Ice" and I think there is the regular local car show as well.

Daddy Rabbit
2013.04.03, 09:38 AM
Mike.....Does Charlotte ever have the international car show with all the proto type cars and new models?:confused:
Sorry, I know this is off topic.:o

2013.04.03, 09:44 AM
Not that I am aware of. Just the regular new car show in October. This weekend though is the Auto fair at the speedway wher the entire place is covered with Rods and customs plus a huge swap meet ,flea market and auction.

2013.04.03, 10:27 AM
no ice race this weekend

Daddy Rabbit
2013.04.03, 12:54 PM
Thanks Mike.:)

2013.05.04, 05:45 PM
ice race results for 5-4-2013

2013.08.06, 02:37 PM
Were was everyone saturday? Lucky for me i waited before setting up the track, 1 other person showed. Was not going to set up for 2 people.

2013.08.06, 02:49 PM
I was in florida

2013.08.06, 04:32 PM
Sorry Terry, I had something come up..


2013.08.26, 12:21 AM
Hey, hey. I'm back from the Dominican and I'm ready to get back to the shop. Just wanted to know when we could run 16th scale again. I know school is starting back, so that is a good reason to have everybody there to race. LOL:)

2013.08.26, 08:03 AM
Glad to see ur still alive. Let us know when ur next kitchen pass is now that ur a married man and we'll set something up!!!!!

Congrats bud, hope you had a good time...


2013.08.26, 11:02 PM
You know it. It's good to be back. Ready to get back to racing.

2013.08.30, 10:28 AM
Should be sep. 7 will be back from the cruise.

2013.09.06, 02:07 PM
race tomarrow

2013.09.06, 04:00 PM
I'm in.......

2013.09.06, 06:42 PM
I'm in..........

2013.10.09, 07:49 AM
Sorry i can not race saturday. Just informed me i have to race this weekend due to the race in town.

2013.10.09, 07:51 AM
Correction: I have to work this weekend. I would rather race.

2013.10.30, 10:53 PM
Hey, hey. Y'all want to race this Saturday?

2013.10.31, 05:26 AM
I'm up for it. Weather permitting.

2014.08.12, 08:14 PM
Ok guys. Let's get it going this Saturday for some Ice racing. Let me know, and let me know oval or road course.

2014.08.13, 06:05 AM
Since we have so much fun with this but have a very difficult time in getting manpower for track set up how about making it the choice of the person(s) doing the work.

2014.09.27, 09:22 PM
Had a great turnout today for "Ice Racing", and it was nothing short of amazing. People pulled in to see what the fuss was about and couldn't pull themselves away. We have a great group of guys that put on a great show today, and we continue to grow. Today it was Wade Smith to take the top spot. Be on the lookout for the next race!