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2012.05.05, 07:03 PM
Does anyone if the board is using a different circuit for the on/off switch? Rather keep it if I can. Cant tell with my limited knowledge.

Attempting to use 20 Gauge wire....

2012.05.05, 11:00 PM
Do you have any kind of digital multimeter? I am sure its wired the same as the mr02, mr03, awd etc.

2012.05.06, 11:30 AM
Someone might have one at work, but don't know really how to use to tell if its on the same circuit as the main power.

If it is, there is no way I'm going to be able to put 20 gauge wire where it is now if it does use the same circuit. I barely got 20 gauge from the batteries to work and I still had to cut a few areas of the motor clamp so it could route. I could move the switch so it sits in front of the motor uptop if need be.

2012.06.06, 12:57 AM
Got wiring advice from theSteve based on pics I took of the buggy boards, what he did on his mr03 and a brief probe of the pcb. Apologies for the paint artwork :)

I haven't tried it yet, but I am leaning towards the alternative when I get the chance. I'll be using 20ga silicone wire and removing the fuse on the motor lead.

1. Remove all of the existing wiring (2x battery to pcb, 2x switch to pcb)
2. Run a wire from the battery negative to the PCB battery negative
3. Run a wire from the battery positive to one side of the power switch
4. Last wire goes from the other side of the switch to both pads on the PCB where the two switch wires originally soldered to

Alternative (may be easier for wire routing)
1. Keep the first two wires the same
2. Third wire would go from the switch to where the battery positive goes now
and then you would put a solder bridge on the two pads that the switch wires normally solder to

2012.06.06, 03:36 PM
Update, I poked around a bit more on the board under theSteve's direction and revised opinion with the new information.

I found that b+ and b- are both directly tied to the inputs of the fets, no matter if switch is on or off. With that, he thinks (pending his on verification on a buggy in front of him) that the switch is NOT in the line between batteries and motor and thus the switch wires can be ignored on upgrade. So just the battery wires need updating to higher quality (the 2 to the PCB from the battery terminals).

2012.06.14, 01:14 PM
I finally did the wiring mod on my mini-z buggy, what a pain. Using 20ga (turnigy from hobbyking, seems good quality), I had to trim plastic in 3 places to get it to fit! I also used the 20ga on the kyosho x-speed motor.


Doesn't seem faster, but it's hitting it's gearing limit on top speed pretty quickly. Time to re-gear.