View Full Version : Best FWD Hard-Wood Floor Tires?

2012.05.08, 06:40 PM
I will soon be getting an AWD chassis and converting it to FWD. It will have a one of a kind Fovea-Designed 2000 Honda Insight body on it. :D

My question is, what is the best tire to use on a hard-wood floor surface? The surface can be like ice for these cars.

2012.05.09, 08:40 AM
I used to run my FWD converted MA-010 on laminate floor. For rear i would recommend Kyosho 20d radials. As for the front i used Kyosho 30 or 40 radials. With 40's there was some understeer and with 30's there was some oversteer. It's quite hard to balance the car, but it was fun to drive. Not fast, but fun.

2012.05.09, 09:41 AM
I'm thinking it's going to be stranger considering the rear wheel-base will be narrower than the front.

2012.05.09, 02:48 PM
keep the width a narrow as you can 0* narrow rims all round then i use gpm 10* tyres , it may oversteer if it does stick so e of the rubish stock tyres on the back :-)