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180SX SR20
2012.05.09, 11:26 PM
I dug through some old R/c stockpiles at home and found 3 sets of Lithium-Ion battery packs :eek:. Tested them with my handy-dandy multi-meter, charged one set up and installed it on my bone stock MR-03. The only upgrade was a new X Speed motor. I figured the MR-03 electronics are much more updated than the MR-02 boards of back in the day.

Ran it on the track a bout 5 laps and the motor was HOT!.. I did a few more laps until my buddies complained. I let it cool down and ran it on the Speed checker, and this thing is darn fast. A 7T pinion got a 35Kmh on the Speed Checker.

My question is.... Is my MR-03 board doomed? :o

2012.05.10, 06:55 AM
Nope,li-fe packs are fine for the mini-z,kyosho even make them(under the R246 name)

2012.05.10, 11:35 AM
hey kryts bud i think you miss read . . . . He has ions not ferrite
From what i have been told ( i dont want to risk my boards in finding out) both lithium ions and lithium polymers are unsafe on a mini-z as they are 7.2 v and 7.4 v respectivly
The lithium ferrite ones are 6.6v so are safe ..........but dont forget as you up the voltage a fet safe motor can become non fet safe as the amp draw also incresses

2012.05.11, 03:41 AM
kinda read that somewhere sometime back too... li-ion / polymers not quite safe on the boards... i believe li-fe batts (r246) are ok though...

180SX SR20
2012.05.13, 04:01 AM
These batteries are the 7.4v kind. I switched back to NI-MH before anything bad happened. I just wanted to put a shyt talker in his place.

This guy thinks that if you're fast on the Tamiya Speed Checker, you're the best in ALL aspects of Mini-Z. But this is the same guy that slams at every turn or takes you out when you're within striking distance. He just picked up the hobby and still thinks that these cars a toys and has the 'basher' mentality. Every time this guy gets on the track, everyone else just leaves.

Anyway, I'm back to my Orion 750HV batteries and I'm happy with that. Now its time to put away my Li-Ion's for now. :D

Are there any suggestions or modifications out there to safely run Lithium Ion (7.4v) in an MR-03? Or just throw my lithiums away and stack fets.

2012.05.13, 10:22 PM
saw some info... you might want to read... it's kinda technical... made me a bit dizzy after reading it...

Li-ion in size AAA : Do they exist ? (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21208&highlight=li-ion+batteries)

2012.05.13, 10:30 PM
Are there any suggestions or modifications out there to safely run Lithium Ion (7.4v) in an MR-03? Or just throw my lithiums away and stack fets.

you might want to try the kyosho's li-fe option being offered by r246... i've read that they're safe... also read that using li-on's will make the steering jittery and will fry the board after a while...

180SX SR20
2012.05.17, 10:51 PM
Yeah, 7.2V is pretty scary and the link scrambled my brain.

I'm going to try the Li-Fe setup when I have my money saved up.

I've got a drift event to go to soon and I have to put my Mini-z aside for now.

Thanks so much for the info.