View Full Version : Does Using A Li-Fe Motor On My Mini Z Requires Me To Use Li-Fe Batteries?

2012.05.13, 09:36 AM
Hello yesterday I installed the Kyosho BB Li-Fe Motor on my Mini Z and used regular duracell AAA batteries and the only thing that worked was the steering. The throttle did not work at all. Also the throttle light does not come on, on the controller. I'm lost I need your help.

Thank You.

2012.05.13, 12:48 PM
I haven't tired nor have I heard about this motor. But I don't see why a certain motor would cause your car to not run. Especially for the light on the board to not light up. The board only puts out a positive and negative output. So worse cause scenario the board should still be lighting up.

I would try to stick back the old one and see if it still works, I'm thinking you may have burnt something when putting the motor wires onto the board, did you screw or solder? Did the negative motor wire touch the FETS on accident?

2012.07.31, 04:34 AM
There is no problem to run NiMh batteries from a motor that is produced for Life.
If you use Life you can get 100% of motor perfomance.