View Full Version : Alternative tires?

2002.08.05, 09:55 AM
What kind of alternatives do we have to ordering specific Mini-Z tires.... has anyone seen anything we might be able use?

Like, anything... very flexible rubber hose that would fit around the rims that we could cut peices of?

2002.08.05, 10:51 AM
In Hong Kong, most player use RC Racing tyres because of good in price and grip. My setting is Front 25 Rear 18. RC Racing 25 tyres have more grip than Kyosho 20.

No foam tyres are allowed in HK Competitions.

2002.08.05, 12:53 PM
Tamiya mini4WD tires, if you can stand the horrible candy colours then they are an alternative.

2002.08.05, 07:26 PM
:: scott! you finally got you're Z!, how was it?, re:tires, tamiya have a black reston tires (same type as those candy colored foam tire), you can cut them to fit onto your rims, and if the tires are too thick, (it touches your Z body) you may shave it with a sandpaper 'till your satisfied with it's thickness, and don't forget to put a paper thin double sided tape in between the tires and the rim so you're foam tires won't fly off! :D -

2002.08.05, 08:10 PM
Nope, it's coming in on the 16th. I've decided to change my plans, killer.

Buying a black warsteiner, and stripping every last freaking decal off of it, and redoing it with my own decals.

Thanks for the alt-tyre tips!

2002.08.05, 09:50 PM
:: hehehe no more rally cars for now huh?.. hey hope you enjoy your mini-Z!, i suggest you get yourself some set of ballbearings first for the Z ;) it's a good start to install some ballbearrings before installing any hop-ups!-