View Full Version : Another funny Mini-Z auction

2012.05.20, 12:55 PM
sometimes you come across auction listings that are so odd or misinformed it's almost funny.

today, i spotted another unusual listing.
Item number: 160805813385

here is the description:
Up for Auction is this rather unusual Kyosho Mini-z Toyota AE86 Police Car Trueno Body Set

Factory settings are:-

Wheel base 90mm
Offset: 0n/0n

Incredibly rare as I have never seen one of these before. Fantastic Autoscale boxed condition without signs of use.
you might be intrigued by this till you see what they are selling...

anyone ales notice listings like this? i'm sure there are plenty of other humorous stories to be told.

2012.05.21, 09:06 AM
Maybe its really original? :confused:

2012.05.21, 09:22 AM
nope. you can clearly see the deal lines and discoloring. it's simply someones add on.

2012.05.21, 12:28 PM
lol looks like an xmod light bar and some stickers . . Not even real vinyl decals:eek: