View Full Version : cdog4w's first white body

2012.05.29, 12:41 PM
My first attempted paint job. Using testor's model master custom lacquer system (now that's a mouthful!). Hopefully it stands up to some track time, it took a long time (at least in days, not necessarily in hands on time).

Anyone know if the "future" floor polish will work on this lacquer paint? I know it's made for acrylic and it's a bad idea to mix. As it is, I have 2 coats of clear on top right now and I will add a couple more if the future polish can't go on.

Anyone use this paint and able to say how durable it is with clear coat on?

2012.05.30, 12:36 AM
pretty cool... :D

2012.05.30, 12:45 AM
Pretty good! The Testors' stuff doesn't go on quite as smooth as the Tamiya stuff but you seem to have got it with the clear. :) Future should be able to go on, it itself is a plastic coat so as long as the surface isn't oily it'll stick.

2012.05.30, 07:09 AM
Cleanly done. Impressive for first attempt.

2012.05.30, 07:47 AM
Like it.
Looks very visible on the tracks.

2012.06.04, 04:31 PM
Thanks everyone. Finished it up and mounted it nice and low. Not color0 low, but low :)



Whole album: https://skydrive.live.com/#cid=FBB038ABE8FC6DFF&id=FBB038ABE8FC6DFF%211809

2012.06.05, 02:14 AM
Apparently I'm the benchmark for low now, lol... but it looks good! As I wanted to tell you via IM, going lower on the F430GT means shaving out the bottom perimiter till you can get more ground clearance. The street F430 has higher skirts so it can be slammed till it tucks tires. :D