View Full Version : RMZR, Raceday for June?

2012.05.29, 05:20 PM
As it stands now, Larry and I will be attending the race over at Maj's on the 9th. I'm not sure if anyone else is planning to get over there for this or not but I'd still like to get a raceday here at home for June as well. Maybe the 24th? Let me know what works for you guys!

2012.05.29, 06:58 PM
Like you said....we/I will be at Majs, so i dont know if ill get over. Hope some of the other guys get over to you and keep it going.;):)

2012.05.30, 11:54 AM
The 24th sounds good to me. I won't be going to Maj's race....

2012.05.31, 02:21 AM
Cool, been a while dude!

Quinn?, Justin?, you guys out there?

Jimmy should be here too for the 24th, that'll make 6 if you guys can make it. Still on the search for more local on-roaders so if you guys run into anyone be sure to drag them with!

(and I do mean 6 Larry... I'm just going to pretend that post above doesn't exist)

2012.06.01, 09:02 AM
I'm not sure yet ill know closet to the date and let you know

2012.06.02, 12:11 PM
im here, i just remembered to come look to see what date we are racing. prolly wont be able to do the 9th i might have to work next saturday...but the 24th works.

2012.06.02, 02:10 PM
24th seems unanimous. I'll keep harassing Larry, feel free to join in!

C'mon Larry... two days of racing a month isn't asking much! Besides, after we get our butts kicked over in NJ next Saturday, it'll feel good to race where we have a chance at winning! ;)

Everybody else is coming over the 24th (I'm sure you can make it too Justin) It'll be a full crew if you show!

2012.06.21, 04:55 PM
still on for sunday. got my track back up, different setup this time and a little bigger. so i got to run my z's again