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2012.06.05, 03:25 AM
g'day. i have a 2.4g rtr... the ferrari. it randomly cuts out the motor. it will still steer but pull the trigger and nothing. nothing moving or sound from the engine. if i move the spur gear it will go again. it now has an atomic 70t world cup engine and it has done it on both the original and this one. also the resistance in the motor is ridiculous. if i drive it on the titles (which have quite good grip) and let go of the throttle the back end slides all over the place. are the 2 linked?

what kind of warranty is on these things?

any suggestions

2012.06.05, 03:42 AM
Maybe try change brushes on the motor?
Maybe clean the motor?

2012.06.05, 03:59 AM
it is new and has done it on 2 different engines.

2012.06.05, 04:34 AM

I just had the same problems with 2 of my motors.
1 motor was dirty and the other needed new brushes.

btw, I also had similar problems when one of the terminals for the motor was not tighten enough to the board.

But maybe somebody else here can give you a clue.

Hope you find the problem.

2012.06.05, 04:47 AM
your gear mesh is to tight mate , check you have the right spur and pinion for the spacer you are using , if not it will strain the electronics and cause the shut-down like you mentiond

2012.06.05, 04:59 AM
thanks guys. double checked the meshing and all the correct bits are in place. all that stuff is still original. i do live in the tropics so i wondered if it was a heat issue but i just tried the original motor again and it did it after 30 seconds!

the car is only 6 weeks old. can the motor get dirty that quick? i run it on a tiled floor that gets mopped everyday... and i have another one that was bought at the same time that has had no issues.

2012.06.05, 07:01 AM
tropics? where are you located? maybe you got strong magnets on the motor that causes the resistance... if you let off the throttle, this will give you some drag brake in effect... some like it some hate it...

you might want to stick with the stock motor for a while... or clean out the motor as the others mentioned... hope this helps

2012.06.05, 04:37 PM
This is a long shot, but by chance did you tighten the rear wheel lugs too
I actually did that and it mimic'd the same symptoms as you just without the motor cutting out, which could be the thermal overload kicking in

2012.06.06, 02:50 PM
take the motor out and push the car along the ground , you should have little to no resistance
No put the motor back in and do the same thing you should only have a very small incress in resistance
If it is rough or hard to push eith with or without the motor the check everything untill it runs smooth