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2012.06.06, 01:04 PM
Anyone up for the BTE this month? Same rules as before 70turn F1 and Racer, Open Mod. Rules and VTRs are in the manual located here:



This should fit in the basement, it'll be tight around the stairs though.

Let me know then guys!

2012.06.08, 10:58 PM
Anyone?... Opinions, preferences? BTE? :D

2012.06.09, 02:04 PM
so this is basically HFAY??

2012.06.10, 02:17 PM
It's 3 wide L layout... We've run them before. 3 classes very similar to the ISRL we just ran.

2012.06.10, 09:42 PM
BTE sounds fine...I've been so focused on work, other things AND getting the backyard dirt track finished I really hadn't thought about mini z's in awhile...Oy

2012.06.10, 09:51 PM
Ok, I'll set it up then. Should be good to run with all the HFAY crew again!

2012.06.12, 05:50 PM
will be there, i havent touched my Z's cause my basement flooded. so i had to pull my track up. now our carpet and some furniture had to be removed, haha now i have more room.

2012.06.21, 11:59 AM
Ok so I do not have to work Sunday but on the fence if ill be there, Gti is torn sort for body and paint and not sure if my 400$ beater will male it but I'm going to attempt to I think.

2012.06.21, 03:54 PM
Hope you make it... we need at least 3 for the HFAY race, I'm just hoping we can get at least two mains for each class.

2012.06.21, 05:25 PM
ok i will be there my parents are gone till monday and didnt tell me(they may have good reason lol) so ima steal my dads truck for the day

2012.06.21, 07:41 PM
ok i will be there my parents are gone till monday and didnt tell me(they may have good reason lol) so ima steal my dads truck for the day

I wont make it...to much family and work going on.
Justin, drive safe buddy.
Have fun with the HFAY big treack event....always a fun event.
See you guys in July.:)

2012.06.24, 07:54 AM
I won't make it today, either. I'll finally have my dirt track finished and Kel and I will be messing around on that all day....

2012.06.24, 09:16 PM
Wemt real well, had fun tuning. We turned as many laps in F1 as we did in stock, we didn't get to Mod. This BTE layout is perfect for F1! The big chicane through the middle was a great place to apply throttle, plenty of passing areas as well. I may leave it up or lengthen it a bit more, not sure yet.

Justin's F1 was blastin around real well, I think 70turn is perfect for my basement layouts... so that's what were sticking with from here on out.

Now all we have to do is pick a date for July. If you've got schedules for next month, let me know the days you have available so we can pick a date. I'm open to Saturdays and Friday nights if needed.

2012.06.25, 06:44 PM
Already got the 70T in the F-1.;)
As far as July...right now any should work.

2012.06.26, 08:21 AM
15th, 22nd, or the 29th?... I may be open to Saturdays too if that works better for the majority.

Anyone else?

2012.06.26, 06:47 PM
22nd is the last day for Super chevy at maple grove..so i wont be able that day.

2012.06.27, 08:24 AM
Ok... so that leaves the 15th and the 29th.

I may try to get to Super Chevy this year myself, still looking for some 4th gen wheels and tires for cheap.

2012.07.01, 05:04 PM
Yea it was a good week had both cars running decent and the f1 ran amazing(for me anyways). Got a pod diff and cf plates coming now and possibly a new f1. As far as dates you know me whatever works for u guys ill try and make it

2012.07.01, 08:46 PM
If theres no objections, it's more than likely going to be the 29th.

Found out we had a bit of a rain hazard down at the end of the straight, just a slow drip off the concrete from the AC upstairs which was leaking into the windowsill frame. Much easier to maintain the car through there now!

Good to hear you got the open wheel bug now Justin! They are pretty fun to run once you get them tuned out. Now were just waiting on bumper news from Larry.

2012.07.02, 06:33 PM
29th sounds good. Still no answer yet on bumper....Dave has it drawn out so i can get mine back. Will let you know.

2012.07.03, 09:01 PM
and........im leaving the 28th for ocmd.

2012.07.04, 01:13 AM
... :mad:

So, do we let Quinny race with us on the 15th? Or are we all set for the 29th?

2012.07.04, 09:03 AM
As of now either will work for me. And the new f1 is on its way so I'm gonna need some of your tuning again next race lol

2012.07.04, 11:46 AM
Double post

2012.07.04, 11:48 AM
Wifey is cool with the 15th too. I didn't really feel like waiting for the 29th anyways.

Big question is bumper status from Larry... you think we'll get them in time?

Oh, and if you are interested Quinn, I'll give you a sweet deal on the AM stuff I have left over.

2012.07.04, 06:57 PM
Ed, not sure yet. I told Dave to go ahead....hopefully ill hear whats up in the next few days.
So what date are we running for sure?:p

2012.07.04, 11:03 PM
Let's say the 15th is the date... I'm just trying to get a full crew again so we can get some traffic on there.

No problem on the bumpers, all good things take time!

2012.07.05, 10:28 PM
15th is good for me. and i gotta see what i can get some money. everytime i get a good amount of money i have to spend it on my cars!!!

2012.07.05, 10:58 PM
Sell two of them and concentrate on just one. Or sell all three and buy one really nice car! The Camaro is cool though, in an 80s ratrod kinda way.

2012.07.06, 04:43 PM
i can probably never sell it. idk what it is...i dont think i can. plus its a reconstructed title so itll be harder to get rid of. i want to sell my saab and im waiting on my friend LT1 so i can start on that.