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2012.06.07, 01:39 PM

Is it possible to put a disk damper on a stock HM mount?
I have cooper thats is totaly stock, except for springs, T-plate and a kyosho oil shock. I got it working nicely but I would like some more stability.

I know there mounts out there that will accept a disk damper but it is not my intention to spend any money on this. I have spare parts, disk dampers etc.. in stock wich i want to use.

Any tips are welcome, Thx

2012.06.10, 04:56 AM
Hi Benny!

I know the kyosho MM friction damper can be used with the HM pod with an alloy damper post from kyosho. Depending on the lenght, this might be adaptable to an other optionnal damper.

2012.06.11, 04:52 AM
hmm.. kinda bit curious about this one... disc damper high mount... i think i've seen a picture somewhere... anybody care to help out?

2013.03.03, 08:08 PM
Here is a picture of my HM.

2013.03.04, 09:24 AM
thanks for the pic... where did you get the alloy post? and what body are you using with this type of set up?

2013.03.05, 07:12 PM
All options parts are from kyosho. The body is a Abarth 500. Options parts are ball diff, short spring in the front (yellow) with inner tube, alu front upper arms, carbon t-plate, shock oil, friction set, xspeed motor and bearings.

2013.03.06, 12:59 AM
thanks for the reply... hmm... i didn't know kyosho made an alloy metal post.... (the thingy that connects the motor pod to the disk damper & top shock... do they come in 3 sizes too? s m & l like the plastic counterpart?

2013.03.26, 08:50 PM
No only one size for 90mm wheelbase.