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2012.06.08, 11:00 AM
This event will consist of two major races, with hot lap qualifying for each. There will be a Formula 1 style race, and a Le Mans style race.

Formula 1
For the Formula 1 race, there will be only one class. It will follow our Formula 1 Carolina Cup rules (details in the post below) with an open motor choice, and no weigh limit. I will take 10 cars to the A-Main to battle it out for one hour. Any remaining cars will be grouped in a B-Main, and will have a 30 minute race to see if they can bump into the A. In the A, there will be a mandatory wheel/tire change pit stop, simulating current F1 rules. You can use the same compound of tire, but the pit and wheel exchange is not optional.

Le Mans
The Le Mans race will be a dual class race, similarly classed to enduros we have hosted in the past. Trophies will be awarded to top three of each class, and the top finishers overall. The first class will be our Carolina Cup class of Can Am1, featuring almost no limitations, and the fastest cars we see during our Carolina Cup season. The second class will be CC GT2 class, featuring touring car bodies and 70t motors.

These two classes will be run together for an hour long A-Main. If we have more than 10 participants I will divide the field based on lap time differences through qualifying. There will be a 30 minute secondary main for any one who does not make the "A", and the winner will earn a chance to run the A-Main.

Qualifying Format

We will run three rounds of knock-out qualifying. There will be a long hot lap session (roughly 15 minutes) where all cars will be on track trying to get their best single lap time. After that session 30% of the field will be eliminated, and their starting positions will be set. The remaining 70% of the field will go for another 10 minutes, where the next slowest 30 percent will be eliminated, leaving 40% of the field to have a 5 minute hot lap shoot-out for the final grid positions in the main. If there are enough participants to have a second main, this qualifying order will still hold true. Timing and driver quantities per round are subject to change based on participation.

In the LM race, we will do 3 rounds of 3 minute long qualifying runs. The first will be random, with a resort after each round. Position will be determined by fastest lap time. I will take the 4 fastest cars from each class to the main, with the remaining two positions to be held by the next fastest laps, no matter which class they fall into. The plan is to take 10 to the A, with another having a chance to bump in from the B. This may be change based on participation levels.

If we end up with less than 20 cars per class, it will be pretty easy to start at 11am, and be done by 5 pm. If we get more than 20, either it will take longer, or the track will be very crowded :D I plan to have an open and flowing layout taking up more floor space than I ever have done before. There will be an elevated 2 tile wide straight at 22 tiles long. I will try my best to provide as much passing friendly sections within the track as possible. The idea will be to have an endurance friendly track that works for a high volume of varied speed cars. This should make for a very open F1 friendly track as well.


Friday 6/29
Open Practice 10am-9pm

Saturday 6/30
Open Practice - 8:00-9:00
Controlled Practice - 9:00-10:40
-- LMGP - 9:00-9:30
-- F1GP - 9:30-10:00
-- LMGP - 10:00-10:20
-- F1GP - 10:20-10:40
Drivers Meeting - 10:40-11:00
LMGP Q1 - 11:00-11:30
F1GP Q1 - 11:30-11:55
LMGP Q2 - 12:00-12:30
F1GP Q2 - 12:35-12:50
LMGP Q3 - 12:50-1:20
F1GP Q3 - 1:25-1:35
Controlled Practice - 1:40-2:20
-- LMGP - 1:40-2:00
-- F1GP - 2:00-2:20
LMGP B-Main - 2:30-3:00
F1GP B-Main - 3:10-3:40
LMGP A-Main - 3:50-4:50
F1GP A-Main - 5:00-6:00

Travel information too follow shortly.

2012.06.08, 12:24 PM


Andy - CA
Chad - GT
Chris - GT
John - GT
Landon - CA
Michael H - GT


F1 Grand Prix

Formula 1

Chassis: Kyosho Mini-Z F1 chassis only!
Track Width: 85mm max
Wheel Base: 130mm only

Body: Kyosho Mini-Z body (ASC or prepared white body) only!
Width: 85mm max.
Length: 210mm max
Height: 50mm max
Wing: No wider than 58mm. Mounted no higher than 45mm.

Electronics: Unlimited.

Min Weight: None.

Wheels: Any Mini-Z Formula 1 type wheels, plastic or aluminum.

Tires: Any Mini-Z Formula 1 rubber or tires.

Batteries: 4aaa NiMh only.
Motor: Any 130 size motor.

Format: There will be one required wheel and tire swap. You have to come into the pit, remove all four wheels and replace them with four different wheels. The wheels you start the race on must be marked in a manner that can be easily seen. During your tire change pit, just let the race director know, so they can verify the swap has taken place. Any one not complying to this rule will be DQ'ed from their finishing position.

Making way for the leaders will be in effect. With this many cars on track it will be imperative for slower cars to make space for faster cars. Basically if you are not on the same lap with some one, you will be obligated to let them go as soon as possible.

LM Grand Prix

Can Am 1

Chassis: Any 1/28th scale 2WD chassis.
Track Width: 85mm max
Wheel Base: 90-106mm

Body: Atomic VDS (any version), PN Pan Car (any type), Le Mans Prototype or Can-Am style polycarbonate (Lexan) body (open or closed ****pit), Kyosho Le Mans ASC, White Body or similar.
Width: 85mm max.
Length: 200mm max
Height: 60mm max
Wing: No limitation other than must fall within Body Width-Length-Height envelope.

Electronics: Unlimited.

Min Weight: None.

Wheels: Any Mini-Z type wheels, plastic or aluminum.
Front: 11 x 22mm max
Rear: 11 x 22mm max

Tires: Any rubber or foam tires.

Batteries: 7.4V max. (Lithium based allowed).

Motor: Any 130 size motor. Brushless allowed.

Format: Making way for the leaders will be in effect. With this many cars on track it will be imperative for slower cars to make space for faster cars. Basically if you are not on the same lap with some one, you will be obligated to let them go as soon as possible.


Chassis: Any 1/28th scale 2WD chassis.
Track Width: 80mm max
Wheel Base: 86-102mm

Body: Kyosho ASC, White Body or equivalent (TRP, Iwaver, X-Mod, etc...) hard plastic bodies allowed, excluding LM-LeMans Prototype bodies (See LMP class list) or Can-Am/Pan-type bodies. No thin shell Lexan/polycarbonate bodies allowed. Bodies may be altered for wheelbase but a maximum wheel opening of 31mm measured horizontally must be maintained. Wheel wells may be altered for tire clearance but the body must cover the tire completely when viewed from above. Cabin window must be retained but may be lightened internally, polycarbonate (Lexan) windows allowed. Headlight buckets may be removed but lenses or covers must be retained. Taillight lenses and housings may be removed. The rear fascia or bumper maybe cut but no higher than 18mm from the chassis bottom plane. Holes are legal in the remaining fascia. Small body parts such as mirrors, canards and exhaust pipes may be omitted. Front air-dams, splitters and body sides may be trimmed for track clearance.
Width: 82mm max.
Length: 200mm max
Height: 70mm max
Wing: All un-modified wings original to the body are legal. Aftermarket or non original wings must fit within the confines of main body. Wing must not extend higher than roof line relative to chassis bottom plane (excluding extensive roof scoops, for example Kyosho NSX), past widest point of body, or beyond rear of body work. This includes all parts of wing (side dams, etc...).

Electronics: Unlimited.

Batteries: 4 x AAA NiCad, NiMh or Alkaline (Lithium based batteries NOT allowed)

Wheels: Any Mini-Z type wheels, plastic or aluminum.
Front: 9 x 22mm max
Rear: 11 x 22mm max

Tires: Any rubber Mini-Z type tires (no foam).

Min Weight: 175g with transponder.

Motor: Un-opened PN70T. End bell must not be removed from can. Silver brushes are legal.

Format: Making way for the leaders will be in effect. With this many cars on track it will be imperative for slower cars to make space for faster cars. Basically if you are not on the same lap with some one, you will be obligated to let them go as soon as possible.

2012.06.08, 12:25 PM
This space reserved for travel information.

2012.06.13, 08:29 PM
add me to f1 and GT (i was told i will be able to get the date off) looks good if things change i will let you know. im excited.

2012.06.13, 09:02 PM
put me in for gt2 and f1

Daddy Rabbit
2012.06.15, 11:03 AM
Put me down for F-1 and CanAm.
The new track layout looks greatt.

2012.06.16, 08:38 PM
I want to see, the new track lay out :eek:

2012.06.16, 10:39 PM
if you get on f******k you will see more of what we have to offer.

2012.06.16, 10:41 PM
Got it thanks

2012.06.16, 10:42 PM
I just tagged you on FB Hatley. Ill try and get a photo up on here in the next few days to let every one else see what we are running on.

2012.06.17, 07:07 AM
Thanks track looks like fun

2012.06.18, 10:27 PM
safe to assume there will not be a kids/novice class running?

2012.06.20, 06:29 AM
sorry guys i will not be able to make it
my family is here from fla and ohio
this is only reason i would miss once again sorry

see u guys at the next one

2012.06.22, 06:55 PM
Landon, looks like I'm in the same boat. Ran two classes last night and really paid the price today. I just don't think I'll be able to do the day on my feet yet. I was tring to talk Josh into into allowing me to just wrenching for him, but he can't get off that Saturday...

Sorry my Beach brothers....


2012.06.23, 10:01 AM
I have been thinking about you Wade. I came up with all kinds of ideas to set you up with a comfortable seat where you wont have to stand for the races. It would be tough to pit for yourself, but I even thought about setting you up with a rolling chair, and pitting you right next to the track :D Either way, I understand buddy, and know Ill see you pretty soon!

Daddy Rabbit
2012.07.02, 08:42 AM
That was very diferent, but a lot of fun, an hour main is a little long for an older guy like me.:(
Thanks to Sarah and Landon for a fun day and to the guys who came down from the Queen City and of course to our local friends. :D