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2012.06.08, 04:45 PM
Anyone ever bought from here? If so are they still in business?

2012.06.09, 12:55 AM
copyright 2012 so im assuming its current.

2012.06.17, 10:32 AM
I just did an order on their website at some little things to MR03 car.
we'll see if things come up or not;)

// Hasse

2012.06.17, 11:19 AM
yep...now they have english version of their web...last time only in japs..all order ship via EMS and they accept paypal

2012.06.17, 12:13 PM
Using them alot.
Great service and great delivery.

Only crap is the website.

2012.06.17, 02:31 PM
agree with the previous speaker, the website was a bit difficult to understand, I think, and menu lay-ups were a bit odd. but it did go to find your way around and it was a good price for the things which makes things much nicer. only hope that things will quickly home. :-)

2012.06.17, 11:30 PM
2 years ago I bought EX5-UR from them before Kyosho America officially imported to US. Great Service but of course you have to pay higher US Dollars because our money sucks vs. Yen. Today I still keep in touch with them for my quest of Raybrig Honda HSV-010 ASC body because it is only made for JDM market but they also have no luck obtaining them.

2012.06.18, 10:45 AM
has already received an order confirmation and the items are sent, so as yet, I am happy with their service :)