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2012.06.09, 01:56 AM
hey gang.
well i went to my local 1/10 track today as im not blessed with a mini z track in brisbane :(. I was doing a few laps and was having a great time but then i realised my Z needed to go quicker :).

what mods am i looking at to get this thing running much faster whilst still being able to turn easily without oversteering? at the moment im running xspeed V motor with stock FET's & 27mhz.

thanx Simon

2012.06.09, 11:08 AM
While i applaude your efforts to get some track time it's not really the same thing running on a huge (scale wise) surface. You don't get the same style of running that you would on RCP due to the width and length of a 1/10th track.

My ghetto version of a micro track would be preferable...find a hardly used tennis court and lay out some garden hose for borders. You'll get the appropriate scale and learn the benifits of braking, turn-in and throttle while having borders that are more realistic to our size.

It's unlikely you could do easy mods to get a 1/28th to 1/10th scale speeds and keep a good handling car....traction rolling would be very likely on almost every turn.

Sorry to be a downer but if it were me I'd either use the tennis court method to get a scale track or get myself an inexpensive 10th scale to have some fun with. Appropriate sized RC for every occasion, in my view.:D

2012.06.09, 02:31 PM
Cowboy, the Kenon gang was running 1/28 Mod Pan on a 1/12-1/10 scale carpet track at TQ Racing. :) It works so long as you actually have enough traction -- traction rolling is not the issue, just grip and power. For that matter, the TQ setup is Kyosho 20/30 tires, PN 33/32t and tallllllllll gearing (in the range of 53/14).

The difference between TQ and your track is going to be surface -- if you find that the Kyosho tires aren't giving you enough grip on asphalt, you're going to have to find yourself some foam tires for at least the rear. GQ foams can still be found if you search around diligently (good luck); I used GRP foams for outdoor running and had good grip with the aid of WD-40 as a tire cleaning/traction compound. ;)

2012.06.09, 04:06 PM
To each his own, color...asphalt 1/10th scale tracks don't strike me as a good surface for this scale but carpet might be alright if it's an indoor and technical layout.

I'm a bit biased since my 10th scale gas is harder to drive on a 10th scale track than a mini-z on RCP. When an RC has a top speed of 120kph you run out of room really fast.

2012.06.09, 05:59 PM
alright, just to clear a few things up. the track is the same surface as a tennis court and has a section that is cut up into little pieces to be petitioned off into more technical corners... when im there next ill take some photos. unfortunately today its raining. although i do like the idea of a garden hose ghetto track

2012.06.10, 02:15 PM
Racing a Z on regular asphalt is like racing a real car on a cobblestone road. Tennis courts aren't too bad, but low carpet or Ozite or RCP is where the Z is in it's element!

I'd mess around at a 10th scale track a while back and had my best results with my AWD car with stock front tires and Atomic 30s on the rear. Front diff was locked and the rear was fairly tight. The car was fetted and I'm pretty sure I ended up with a PN Anima in it with a huge pinion gear on it. I remember I almost fried the thing after like 10 laps too. It smelled like it came out of an oven when I was done.

Oh yeah, I had stock springs on the front and an SAS rear with red (or orange?) springs, front was toed out a bit more than usual too.

2012.06.11, 04:49 AM
wow... kinda reminds me of... me :D hahaha...

depending on the size of the track, 1/10 scale tracks are definitely tooo huge for say a stock z... a modified z is a different story though...

but still for a modified z... it is too big (in my opinion)... something to consider - how smooth is the surface?... is it a clean or dirty track? (loose asphalt, loose pebbles, no matter how small, will wreck havoc on your 1/27ish z)... having it too bumpy might not be too much fun....

i remember i was able to try my z on a cold pressed asphalt r/c track (which was right next to a go kart track which was also a cold pressed asphalt track)... it was really smooth... but it was really too much for my stock z... just tooo huge... i did run into some pebbles on the dirty side of the track and well lets say i got some front bumper souvenirs on that body...

i was able to run some of my cars on a 1/12th scale carpet track... which was smaller and was pretty cool... but it was still too big... :D

i guess your best alternative would be a tennis court... or a texture coated badminton court (not wood)... a basketball court (wood) gets too slippery after a while when the tires pick up some dirt...

once you build a track to scale... driving gets pretty interesting... and it wouldn't look like its going too slow... :D

hope this helps...

2012.06.11, 03:57 PM
Ok, so no one has really answered my original question. What am I lookin at to make my Z go faster?

2012.06.11, 05:36 PM
Ok, so no one has really answered my original question. What am I lookin at to make my Z go faster?

So you got an AWD miniz, and want to make it faster! I think i can help you....(i am an Zmod addicted, but have several miniz's as well)

I saw you got am 27 board, no problem, still good.

1- fet the board... find someone who can fet the board with mininum 2+2 fets "4562" or "8858" for what i remember the ref. I would go 3+3 all the way.
-This AM one got 2x2 of 4562 fets....

-My AM miniz awd with 6 fets, the 8858

-My precious in 2,4ghz...

It will make a kick on your stock motor...

2- Invest in R1 wurks AAA, or go go Li-fe 6.6v baterys. The R1wurks have the same kick as lithium but are AAA's and 4.8v of course!


-Li-fe 6.6v power on my AM AWD miniz! It's safe and made specially for Miniz's, so why not??????????

3- If have stacked fets go for an hot motor (like Atomic Chilli or PN 32T), if want to keep the slow Kyosho one, find a Ball Bearing Can and it will fly, with neo magnets...

ah.. and if no one can fet your board... put the li-fe power baterys, put an ATOMIC STOCK R, and live hapilly...

and don't forget... invest in ceramic bearings... they are the ultimate power speed money can buy.
Never understimated a free spin bearing... if got no money take them (the standart ones) all out, and put them on a cup filled with brake cleaner 1:1 car, second put on another cup with WD40, and finally when the soup is done... lube then with oil, any oil, thin preferably.... it will make a smile in your face!

my ones on zmod truck... taking a bath!!


hope that helps... :)

2012.06.11, 06:02 PM
Yes! Thank you. That is exactly what I'm looking for. One question though. Can I still run a chilli/ high powered motor with 27mhz or is that a 2.4ghz upgrade?

2012.06.11, 08:34 PM
As long as you fet your AM board, you can run the chilli motor. You don't need to upgrade to a 2.4 board for that..... :)

2012.06.11, 09:12 PM
Excellent! Thanks guys

2012.06.12, 12:00 PM
making your car faster wont make you a better driver , making the track scale will
The reason your car seems slow is because on a 1/10th track the width lets you full throttle probably all of the course . Where is the fun in that ?

2012.06.12, 03:27 PM
And please remove the on/off switch.

It's a power stealer...always!


2012.06.12, 10:55 PM
making your car faster wont make you a better driver , making the track scale will
The reason your car seems slow is because on a 1/10th track the width lets you full throttle probably all of the course . Where is the fun in that ?

I know I won't be a better driver through improving the speed of my Z. All I wanted to know through this thread was how to make my Z go faster. I don't run the full length of the 1/10 track, only a small section that is divided up into smaller sections. I don't race competitivly, I'm only having fun with it all.