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Dusty Weasle
2012.06.11, 01:22 AM

The inaugural ISRL Racing season is in the books and it was a great time. And that climbing thermometer outside can only mean one thing- its time for the ISRL 2012 Summer Season to begin!

We've made a few adjustments to the regulations to make racing even more fun and competitive for everyone. The biggest difference is the weight minimum for the LMP class has been lowered to 125g (w/o batts) and there is no minimum for GTS class. This series encourages innovation to modify your cars to be as fast and precise as possible around our 3xWide L circuits!

You can download the Sporting Regulations for each series here:

As always its free to join and race, just contact us to let us know and get instructions for using the club scoring software.
Click on the "Contact" button on the ISRL website or send me a PM through MZR.

The Summer Season begins in July on the new Shelby Circuit. See you at the checkers!

Visit the ISRL home at:

Key points:

3x RCP Wide L size layouts (at least a 28'x15' space required).
5 months/10 race seasons, each circuit 1 round Clockwise and 1 round Anti-clockwise.

80 Minutes du Mans
A multi-class Le Mans style sports car and prototype race.
Each race is 8min for a total of 80min run in a season.
Classes all run and scored together. Positions are for Overall, Class, and Club Championships.
LMP class: 102mm+ prototype cars. Open motor. Any material. Lots of modification available and encouraged. 125g min (w/o batts)
GTS class: 98mm- sports cars. 70t+ motor. Plastic chassis/body. Some modification available. No weight minimum.

Formula Mini World Championship
Stock class F1 cars running 70t+ motors. Some modification available. 150g min (w/o batts)
Each race is 8min
Driver and Club Championships

Dusty Weasle
2012.06.19, 10:53 PM
Below are the tracks for the ISRL 2012 Summer Season. These are all RCP 3x "Wide L" layouts with a maximum size of about 28' x15'. The track naming convention is famous drivers in honor of those larger than life heroes who make our favorite sports so great. Two new tracks have been added to the rotation this season, The Shelby and McRae Circuits.

Some of their accomplishments can be seen on the results page:

(Printer-friendly map views are available on the ISRL site by clicking on the track image)

July ----------

August ----------

September ----------

October ----------

November ----------

Dusty Weasle
2012.08.04, 01:32 AM
First results of the 2012 Summer season are posted on the ISRL results page.

80 Minutes du Mans

Formula Mini World Championship

Well done everyone and thanks for turning out to race. I hope you all had as much of a blast as I did running the new Shelby Circuit. With this new season we welcome Medway Racers of Kent, UK into the field for the first time, welcome aboard guys. And welcome back last season's 80MdM Club Champions, HerefordF28UK. There is also a new hobby shop just opened in Yuma, AZ that will host Mini-Z racing, so hopefully they will be able to join us soon as well.

Right out of the gate there are ties for position all over the leader board. Remember that your FAST LAP can be a tie breaking factor in individual races, so be sure and push for that one great lap! And if the top of the leader board seems a little far off, remember the higher you place the greater the gap between points, with 20 points separating 1st and 2nd. Place well and you can make ground up quick.

Big Steve set the Shelby Circuit inaugural speed record for GTS class with a 6.31sec lap.
In FM a scant 0.49sec was the fast lap gap between all drivers, but Joe Krosner captured the class record with a 6.56sec lap.

No LMP cars have been fielded yet, which is unfortunate as multi-class racing was part of the point of the 80MdM, but maybe we'll get some later. Hey, the LMP Class Championship is wide open for any takers!

In Formula Mini its just reigning champions Mini-AZ this time, so we're gonna walk away with the title again... Are all you Europeans going to take that? F1 is your turf! You gonna let a bunch of Yanks casually take that championship? ;)
(F1 is about our favorite class usually with the closest, most competitive racing in our club. High prestige, lots of fun).

Again, thanks to everyone for coming together to race, and good luck to all the clubs for the 2012 Summer season.

Dusty Weasle
2012.09.03, 09:23 PM
August results for the 2012 Summer Season are posted on the ISRL results page.

80 Minutes du Mans

Formula Mini World Championship

A rather small turnout this month but we had fun nonetheless. Unfortunately Hereford lost their larger location. We all know how that can be and hope they can secure something again soon. Medway Racers also expects to be back in September for the McRae Circuit. But amidst this drought, we also welcome a new shop, Fast Eddie's RC from Yuma, Arizona.

August saw our return to the Clark Circuit. Joe Krosner set the fast lap of the day in GTS class with a 6.31sec lap. Just 0.32sec off Big Steve's 5.99 track record set in Jan 2012, so Big Steve is still our fastest man at the Clark. In FM Joe beat Larry's old class record by 0.21, setting a new record lap of 6.41sec.

Still no entries in the 80MdM's LMP class. Hopefully someone will feel the need to put a bigger motor in an LM car and tear it up out there.

We have a three way tie for 1st-3rd in the 80MdM and Joe has leapfrogged from 4th to 2nd in FM. Next up for September is another first time track, the McRae Circuit with its challenging twisty Sector 2. See 'ya at the checkers!

Dusty Weasle
2012.10.02, 11:17 PM
September results for the 2012 Summer Season are posted on the ISRL results page.

80 Minutes du Mans

Formula Mini World Championship

Welcome to the midpoint of the 2012 Summer Season. We had a nice turn out this month. Good news- Hereford were able to quickly secure a new race location, well done guys.

The McRae Circuit is another first time track, so new records set all around:
Mini-AZ's Brad captured fast GTS time and track record with a 6.44, beating Ryan of Fast Eddies RC by only 0.02sec! Big Steve of HerefordF28UK was right on his bumper just 0.03 more seconds back. Still no entries in LMP class, so that time sits open. And in FM Brad set the class record with a 6.59sec, holding off DJ by 0.02sec.

All but three positions on the 80MdM leaderboard moved. Big Steve recaptured the points lead from his compatriot ChrisB, while Dusty and Joe swapped 3rd and 4th by only 5 points. Our biggest mover for September was Brad who jumped up 11 spots by becoming one of our five different winners so far this season.

In the 80MdM Club Championship fight Mini-AZ maintains their lead, and Fast Eddies RC moves into 3rd past Medway Racers.

In the FM series DJ continues his unbroken winning march to the Driver's title, but Brad has now joined the fray and gave him quite the exciting run for his money in the Anti-Clockwise Race #6. They both set fast laps at the same time in the closing minute, and traded the lead four time with DJ making a thrilling last lap pass to claim the checkers!

While DJ has a big points lead, Joe and Dusty are tied for 2nd and Hood and Brad are tied for 4th!

October returns to the exciting, throttle-heavy straights of the Earnhardt Circuit as we begin the final push to the Driver and Club Championship titles. To quote this circuit's namesake:
“The winner ain't the one with the fastest car its the one who refuses to lose”. - Dale Earnhardt

Good luck drivers.

2012.10.03, 02:21 AM
Hereford are glad to be back!
I'd love to see a race with Big Steve and Brad in. They are very close at the top of the scores.
I had the closest race ever with 007 (I'm MrF28 btw). there was never more than 10m between us for the entire 8 minutes. Great stuff.
We're looking forwards to the next event.

Dusty Weasle
2012.10.22, 10:03 PM
Hey guys, I've added a new page to the ISRL site: Champions Wall and Track Speed Records! Hooray! There you can see who won which championships and who is the fastest driver on each track by class, with purple time indicating the overall track record.

Check it out here:

I've also reorganized the buttons a little. Someday I'll get around to building out that About page. Until then, we're about racing... racing.


Dusty Weasle
2012.11.01, 11:10 PM
October results for the 2012 Summer Season are posted on the ISRL results page.

80 Minutes du Mans

Formula Mini World Championship

A couple new records were set. Big Steve beat his previous GTS record of 5.48 by 0.02sec, and DJ smashed his old record in FM by over half a second with a 5.60sec lap.
Track Records page:

One race remaining for the 2012 Summer Season (as you may have noticed it getting a little cooler out ;) )

Dusty Weasle
2012.12.01, 07:02 PM
Scores are up for November's races #9-10 and the 2012 Summer season finale raced on the Senna Circuit.

80 Minutes du Mans Results:

Formula Mini World Championship Results:

Two track records fell at Senna:
GTS: Big Steve with a 5.89, beating Brad's record of 6.06 (set 02/12)
FM: DJ with a 6.50, beating Larry's 6.53 (set 02/12)

Past and current champions, and track records can be seen on the ISRL Champions Wall:

2012 Summer Season championship winners: --------------------------------

80 Minutes du Mans
Driver's World Champion: Big Steve, UK
2nd: ChrisB, UK
3rd: Dusty, USA

Le Mans Prototype
LMP Class Champion: N/A
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

Grand Touring Sport
GTS Class Champion: Big Steve, UK
2nd: ChrisB, UK
3rd: Dusty, USA

Club World Champion: Mini-AZ, USA


Formula Mini World Championship
Driver's World Champion: DJ, USA
2nd: Dusty, USA
3rd: Joe Krosner, USA

Club World Champion: Mini-AZ, USA


Congratulations to our podium winners and all those who competed in this season of the ISRL championship series.

Unfortunately this has been the final season for the 80MdM and FMWC, and we are suspending operations after this point. A couple years ago it appeared the on-line format was ending, so I created the ISRL to keep that going and to take advantage of the large field of drivers to create a properly multi-class Le Mans style series with the 80MdM. However, HFAY didn't close down and others joined the field. Over the last year the ISRL has seen the number of drivers continually get smaller as clubs joined and left. Given that trend I regretfully must concede and close down these series. Apparently if you build it, they will not necessarily come.

Since I already wrote the regs for 2013, might as well show what was coming:
Format changed to 5min, which would keep the lap counts closer for tighter racing (would become the “50 Minutes du Mans”)
LMP and GTS classes changed to GT1 and GT2, so that any wheelbase could run modified/brushless motors (now GT1 class).
Tighter points scale (1-80 points) with more progression levels to better reward finishing higher.

I considered going to PNWC size tracks, but the MZWS already does that.
We were also considering a MotoGP series for the new Kyosho bikes.

Oh well, maybe someday.

Again, thanks to all those that came together over the last year to compete and have fun, and congratulations to our champions and record holders.

Oooh! I just got an idea for something new. Stay tuned...

ISRL Director of Competition