View Full Version : Muchmore motor master platinum edition

2012.06.11, 11:49 AM
Has anyone bought or have a Muchmore motor master platinum edition motor tester? If so what all does it come with? Do you have to buy the part to test mini z motors seperately? I've been wanting to buy one of these for a long time but been debating if I need to.

Davey G
2012.06.11, 12:56 PM
TRINITY had new stock of there monster horsepower machine. The TRINITY one uses a NORTH/SOUTH magnetic sensor instead of a black and white eye. Plus the price is nicer. :)

2012.06.11, 12:58 PM
Pretty sure muchmore focuses on 10th scale items but it shouldn't take much to make a 130 mount and connection for the info lead. I have an older gen that I keep meaning to modify for mini-z motors.

2012.06.11, 04:58 PM
i have one and have done for about 5 years now , its a handy bit of kit
A mount for mini-z motors is esay enough to make but they do sell a dedicated one for not much money :-)

2012.06.12, 12:08 PM
Huh I didn't know trinity made one. Have to look into that. I found the manual to the Muchmore one and it says it comes with the sensor piece for mini z's but that what it says. It also looks like you just hold the motor in the side of the tester and that's it. Thanks for the info.

Davey G
2012.06.12, 12:51 PM
Here it is: