View Full Version : R246 F1 mount + Mini-Z Dual Ball Bearing ASF Spec. Motor

2012.06.14, 04:34 AM
Does the new ASF motor fit the R246 F1 mount? thinking of getting one for my 03 but want one for my F1 if it will fit.

2012.06.26, 01:37 PM
Well this motor is too long for the R246 F1 motor mount. At least I can use it on my MR03 :)

2012.10.01, 07:46 AM
Sorry to dig this old thread, so far on my R246 only the X-speed and PN70T fit. Is there a list of compatible motors? My board is not fetted so ideally something like the Atomic ASF?

2012.10.01, 08:41 AM
I could rewind a PN 70 for you if you want Ram.

So far have done a few 50Turns and 35 Dble Turn. All seem to work well enough.

2012.10.01, 09:05 AM
Why don't you try the PN empty motor can to see if it fits and then put any anchor in it?

2012.10.06, 10:07 AM
Both good options thanks guys.