View Full Version : May have fried the FETS???

2012.06.15, 12:53 PM
So I was screwing around with winding a motor... did a 33t with a wire that was slightly larger than the pn wire. 26 gauge to be exact, anyhow the motor was crazy, high rpm, good torque... up untill it a puff of smoke, and the motor wires were hot, motor hot, and board hot. Shut everything off popped the batteries out. Waited a few minutes powered everything back up... steering works fine... shut everything down, changed back to a good pn motor. just when trying to apply throttle its like an overload, and everything shuts down. I can turn off and turn back on and the board powers up. But when applying throttle you hear the motor try to turn then the board shuts off...like an overload.

FET's or is a capacitor gone. I have full control of steering.

Thanks for your input.

Im not going to screw around with windings anymore...i'll just stick with the comm lathe. LOL

2012.06.15, 01:35 PM
stock fets?
Then I gues yes you fried them. I was always told not to go lower then 50 turns on stock fets.

2012.06.15, 03:50 PM
If the fets aren't visibly blistered, they may not be fried. You'll see a little bump or blister on the surface, or even an area of scorched discoloration.

I have seen one car in the past get so hot that a fet actually slid off so you may want to check the fets connections to the board itself. If you're really steady and got a good soldering iron, you may want to just touch the feet of the fets to see if there is just a broken connection.

Also, check all of the power wiring to the board and the battery terminal contacts.

Just the basics before you toss something that may be fixable.

2012.06.15, 05:51 PM
I'm hoping it's fixable lol....that's the thing the fets aren't blistered. And the motor wires are soldered to the bored. Maybe a fet lost continuity. And the aren't stock fets. I think I got lucky and the board is ok because I have steering. Something is shorting when hitting the trigger.

2012.06.16, 01:04 AM
Can you bring it tomorrow to ILR? I have a couple ideas that might work.

2012.06.16, 12:46 PM
figured it out...burned the legs off of the fets (just as a imxlr8ed mentioned)..gonna drop it off with Binh and have the fets replaced.

oh well... that 33 I made sounded like a bat out of hell, LOL not gonna trust it anymore so I tossed the motor LOL

Thanks for everyones input though.