View Full Version : Matt black paint?

2012.06.18, 01:42 PM
Any tips on how to get a good matt black paint job? I also want to have accent colors with gloss. I'm thinking of trying acrylic paints and doing the future floor polish for the accent portion, but I assume that'd put a gloss on the matt black.

Is there any way to protect the matt black paint, some matt clear coat?

2012.06.18, 02:11 PM
look for a flat clear if possible

2012.06.18, 04:02 PM
Walmart has plenty of flat black paints tha will do the job nicely. I've also wanted to try to leave flat paint area but have not experimented with clear coating over mask or anything like that.

2012.06.19, 06:26 PM
Thanks guys, I'll check the local store/hobby shop.