View Full Version : Mini Endurance race this friday (30 or 60 mins main)

2012.06.26, 02:00 PM
anyone interested in a mini endurance Friday, either 30 mins or 60 mins main this friday night ? Same format as usual, but the final main will be 30 mins or 60 mins.
final main start at 9:30 sharp
things that may change ( decided on Friday depending on popular demand and time constraint)

1) 1, 2 or 3 qual
2) final main is 30 mins or 60 mins

try to keep it simple so that we can start right a way this Friday ( therefore no team)

may evolve into Le man point series with 5 one hour final main that last 5 race day. Same point system as F1 series. Trophy or not will depend if ppl want to chip in more for the trophy.

2012.06.26, 06:47 PM
sounds interesting, changes things up to. in I'm!

2012.06.29, 07:49 AM
Updated the MC3 website to reflect new event.

Format will be as Casey proposed.

3- 5 min qualifiers (heats contain max 8 drivers each)

1- 30/60 min main containing all drivers (no limit)

Main starts at 9:30pm sharp

Should be fun!