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2012.06.28, 09:11 PM
I plan on after work tomorrow to start cleaning up the garage. Everything should be ready by Saturday morning. Ray if your bringing your track please let me know. And PLEASE! If anyone who has the wide turns please bring them. All I have is 4 wide L's and no add on pieces to make the BTE track set up. As far as lap counter I have core. If anyone wants to use something different please bring it. I know core is not the favorite but that's all I got.
I plan on being there around 10am Saturday morning. If anyone wants to show up that early that's fine. I'll turn on the A/C in the garage tomorrow night and leave it running so hopefully it will be nice and cool for Saturday. I apologize for not making a proper thread but nobody responded to the post about this so I don't know if anyone is paying attention but if you are hopefully you'll look here now. Try to make it by noon if you can. There is no time restriction for when we should end but I'm pretty sure some of you will want to head out by a certain time so we need to do this in a time that works for everyone.
There are a couple of rules. Mainly there will be a deloran present for race day. It belongs to the owners son. Please DO NOT lean on or touch the car. And don't wonder around the property. There are security cameras on the property therefore you are being filmed. Please realize that this is a privelage for me to do this and it's my job and workplace please be respectful of it. And if the wharehouse is open of coarse don't go in there. The bathroom situation is a bit difficult since the garage we are racing in has no bathroom. But the garage I work in is on the property and is not far to walk to. If everyone wants to we can race in the garage I work in but it has no A/C. But it has more room and a bathroom but I'll leave that up to all of you. :D I think there is a way to turn on the A/C in the office but the garage part has no A/C.
I'll keep everyone posted and I will keep an eye on this thread if anyone has any questions. As for directions I'll put the address up again.

224 Industrial Ct. Fredericksburg VA 22408
You should see a big sign saying J.F.Fick Inc. then you'll see a big garage on your right and ahead of you is the main building that says Budweiser.(and no we will not have any beer for the race). Drive toward the main building and take a left. You will see a garage on the far right out back.
Well hope to see whoever is coming there.

2012.06.29, 12:28 PM
i'll be there. Remnant should be bringing a couple people as well. sent you a message re: wide turns. Gary sr. we normally use Gary's wide turn kits when mike was hosting these.

given the temp is expected to be 100+, i say race in ac and walk to where ever for bathrooms.

i'll stop by HW to get giro-z so i'll be there about 11:30+/-. i have to drop off the 2nd monitor for HW anyway.

2012.06.29, 02:30 PM
I plan to be there, A/C will be welcome if available (supposed to be a hot one tomorrow), but I'll probably bring a cooler and some drinks regardless. I should be around for cleanup as well.

2012.06.29, 10:54 PM
Well it's 11:50pm and been without power for over an hour. Hopefully I'll get up and be there when I said I was. the A/C isn't the best in the world but its better then nothing. I notice when cleaning up this evening that it's definetly nicer in the garage then outside. Hopefully my phone will have enough power to make to tomorrow. See ya tomorrow.

2012.07.01, 03:15 PM
thank you to Bill for setting this up for us. i wish mother nature had cooperated :rolleyes: i'm sorry the aftermath of the storm caused many of us to be so late making most short on time. also thanks for the drink, very appreciated.:p

i still have gary's stool, chair, laptop and giro bridge. Bill will be bringing the wide turns up with him to drop them off with me July 14th.

results have been uploaded. due to new process, i could not upload for separate club so everyone was submitted under dc gtg.

2012.07.03, 08:25 PM
No need to apologize Ray. I thank all of you for showing up. Especially the distance all of you traveled to get here. It wasn't the greatest conditions to race in but we got it done. Again thanks for coming.