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2012.07.02, 05:06 PM
In cooperation with Reflex Racing, MC3 and Reflex Racing will be launching
a new product, called "Rear Wheel Nut" shortly. Please see CAD drawings
in the attached flyer. Pictures will be added once the product arrives.

Basically, the wheel nut allows for a quick swap of rear wheels between
sides to alleviate uneven tire wear, which can be accomplished easily and
quickly between racing heats. This product is for use on the axle side (non-gear side)
that normally uses a plastic bushing. A 3x6x2.5mm bearing must be used with this product.

There are additional benefits as well such as:

- rim and bearing will last longer as you are no longer popping the
bearing in/out of the rim
- integrated wheel nut- say goodbye to lost wheel nuts (note- need to put
threadlock on diff shaft)
- engineered to let bearings run smoothly; no pressure on inner race

There are many more upcoming products coming soon.

Dealer inquiries welcome.

2012.07.03, 06:33 PM
I think I'm misunderstanding this, but from the shape of the product it should be going on the rear left wheel away from the diff, and the rear left wheel bearing (natively 2x6x2.5) should be replaced with a 3x6x2.5 unit, allowing quick rear-left and rear-right swaps because you're now using the same bearing on both wheels.

Am I correct on this? :confused: It's not quite clear from the description.

2012.07.03, 08:02 PM
You are correct. The side of the diff that usually uses a plastic bushing, i.e. in your example, it would be the left side if you looking at the rear of the car.

Also correct regarding the bearing. It has to be the larger size (as you noted).

Thanks for adding clarification.



2012.07.21, 10:26 PM
Very excited; got delivery from the factory and was able to take some pics. Pics attached.

Instructions being created and will be available shortly.

Production run is only in silver. Those that have already picked one up, love it and want to get one for all of their cars.

2012.07.21, 10:37 PM
will these be available through reflex or mc3 only?

also is the nut size the standard 4.5mm

2012.07.22, 03:45 PM
The nut size is 4.5mm and you can get through Reflex USA or MC3. I also believe they will be available through Reflex Europe as well at some point. CT will have to confirm.

Reflex will add to their site once I finish instructions which should be shortly.

Thanks for the interest.

2012.07.22, 09:13 PM

Link also includes videos of how to quickly swap wheels in 30 seconds and how to install the quick change wheel nut.

Thanks to Fai for his design and support work!

2012.07.24, 08:41 AM
gentlemen, lets be conscious of using the forum to promote and inform vs. advertise. i moved this to new products as this is the appropriate location to discuss new products. if the desire is to promote a brand, you are more than welcome to a vendor or manufacturer forum where that can continue. we do not however want to see club forums used to promote product sales. MC3 is in a unique position in that it is crossing into club and manufacturer so we need to address this appropriately. if there is any question, please feel free to contact me, here to serve the community :)

2012.07.24, 12:22 PM
Excellent, thanks for moving the thread. Ideally, when I offer more products (near future), I'd like to put a MC3 thread up in the manufacturer's area.

Note: also added videos to link above.

unearthed name
2012.07.25, 03:18 AM
hopefully you can distribute it worldwide. seems like a good idea.