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2012.07.07, 03:07 AM
For the next season I'll race in GT MOD. I use Wurks batteries. . I've got a Graupner charger and it measure the internal resistance of the batterie.
Id like to know the way to match my new batteries ?



2012.09.05, 10:49 AM
I don't think you can even match you batteries, can you make a horde of horses and donkeys ??
they feel to belong a family , they do same job but of course every thing has its own capacity.

2012.09.05, 12:25 PM
for matching AAAs you'd want a lot of them, the more the better, there is no point in trying to match a few sets.
You'll want to charge and discharge them a few times and then match the cells based on voltage and the capacity and since your charger has it, internal resistance. It isn't perfect but, if you have 50 or 100 cells and want that .005% advantage, why not.

2012.10.22, 07:40 AM

117 Techincal Racing Products RP747 cells charged at 2A and discharged at 3A. Dead and simply bad cells removed from the lot before testing, in total I had ~135 cells so about 20 straight to battery recycle bin...

So, there are cells and then there are Cells.

More like 10% advance with matched cells, especially in stock class. And dead and simply bad cells can really drop your performance.