View Full Version : Raceday July 15th in Reading PA...

2012.07.09, 09:18 AM
Sorry for the short notice but this is the day that should work for most. The new layout takes a bit of getting used to but it is probably the fastest layout I've had down there in a long while!

Open up at 10am, run til 5pm or whenever.

2012.07.09, 11:46 AM
I should be there hopefully with the new f1

2012.07.09, 05:00 PM
Since you guys are running the 15th, I'll be camping in the Poconos that weekend. Not that you'll miss me, since I haven't shown up in awhile...lol.

2012.07.09, 07:12 PM
We always look forward to your bi-annual appearances Greg! We'll catch up next month! Maybe you should pick the day next month!

2012.07.09, 08:04 PM
I should be there hopefully with the new f1

Sounds good....we will whip that new F-1 in shape.;)

2012.07.10, 08:54 PM
i will be there, i got more batteries off of amazon for a good price. ill test them out.

2012.07.11, 07:48 AM
Cycle them up a few times... Don't want them going flat mid-race!

I'm thinking half hour F1 enduro for some reason. ;)

2012.07.11, 03:15 PM
A half hour..:eek:bettter hope there is enough parts left for that long!;)

On another note...looks like the F-1 bumpers will be made out of aluminum.:)

2012.07.11, 06:07 PM
ok when ever iget them i will make sure to do so...i got 24 AAA batteries 1000MaH, only $23. 4 orion 1100MaH for $7. and team orion 900Mah for $9.
so its not abad deal!!!@

2012.07.11, 10:17 PM
Larry, hope it's good aluminum! AL2024-T3 sheet is pretty bendable. I'm hoping it is going to be more like a AL7075 or something. If it is, whoever is doing them can core out a lot of excess material.

Quinn, good deal on the cells. You'll probably vent some of the 1000s though, just keep an eye on them when you charge them.

Anyways, looking forward to racing! As it is every Sunday, it's bring a friend day! So drag someone with... We need more racing addicts! Not that I'm bored with you guys, just tired of seeing empty seats down there! :o

2012.07.13, 07:14 PM
Guys, the PN F-1 motorpod is back in stock with some minor but good changes.;)

2012.07.15, 07:05 PM
Nice racing today. 4 guys...not to bad. And we are still running F-1 some.:D

2012.07.15, 07:31 PM
Had fun as usual, never got that half-hour enduro in though. If you guys are cool with the current layout, I won't change it up. I do want to round off that outside corner though so we may get some high-speed passes going.

So... last two weekends in August available. Post what works for you!

2012.07.15, 07:49 PM
The 19th/26th (August) are good for me.
Track is great. Change what you think.;)

2012.07.18, 07:24 PM
At this point both those days work for me....not planning any camping trips for them...LOL