View Full Version : Ideal Aftermarket Chassis?

2012.07.11, 11:34 PM
I'm wanting to know what are some of the features y'all amazing enthusiasts would like to see done on an aftermarket chassis?

I've a few ideas of my own I'd like to see in that dream chassis:
- Adjustable Camber front and rear
- Adj. Tow all around
- Adj. Front Castor
- Adjustable Chassis Length?
- Adj. Ride Heighth

I know that most love and appreciate CF parts but for the 99% of us can at times be cost prohibitive. Stock is good, but obviously can sometimes leave one wanting...at least me. Also, manufacturers motive is bottom line $, the most cost effective means to reproduce a decent chassis with the most margin. A good business model but ultimately the end user suffers. And while aluminium parts attempt to cover the gap, they can still be all over the spectrum. Seems one has to experiment with all available parts to get the right part suited for your taste and technique. Off my soapbox now, haha!

That stated, what would you fine racer gentlemen like to see built in to your ideal chassis? Ideas on materials? Price point? Perhaps even some color options? Let the community know.

2012.07.12, 12:01 AM
Could you tell us your intention behind this thread? There are already existing aftermarket chassis that do everything you could ever dream of (some even adjusting front and rear roll center), with the exception of rear toe due to the solid axle form factor. Having already sold out of my own design I've learned that my dream chassis is not about the features and adjustments -- anyone can implement those -- but about the design and manufacturing quality.

Not to toot my own horn too much (the Lajf P28 is another design I rather like) but the MRCG was a fairly successful aftermarket chassis with pretty much everything adjustable as long as you were willing to put some time into it. http://greyscalerc.com/index.php?do=mrcg

2012.07.12, 12:33 AM
Frankly, maybe "enter the game" as some may say. What if we could have something like the racers chassis? Speaking in other terms, something along the lines of what open source does for software. One that is ever evolving...but not costing half a months wages to do so. This is a different approach, I would think.

I too love that P28 chassis as well as the MRCG. However, aren't they made to order? They seem to show up in small spurts and quite a few strapped for $ enthusiast's can hardly afford to enter that market. On average...$250-300 for just the chassis, right?

So, essentially what I'd like to know and see is what kinds of features are we looking for as a community. Perhaps I'll create a poll that'll better help facilitate this thread. Consider this a survey of sorts. Still, let me know ones thoughts. Thanks.