View Full Version : Help, MR02 Not Responding

2012.07.13, 07:46 PM
My Mini-Z was working well but now it is not.
With charged batteries in the car and remote and both on the car doesn't respond to inputs or center the servo as it normally would. No matter how close I move the remote to the car it doesn't respond but when the antennas touch the car freaks out. I'm using the Perfex KT-5 and I think the AM MR02.
Could anybody offer any help?

2012.07.13, 07:59 PM
Well, I just tried it yet again and it's working now. Haha

2012.07.13, 08:35 PM
Don't do that "antenna touch" thing often...it could cause damage to the steering electronics.

Glad you got ut figured out...crystal loose?

2012.07.13, 09:21 PM
Got it. Thanks.

Yeah, I unplugged the crystals in both and put them back in and it was working.