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2012.07.19, 08:19 PM
Gary, myself and others are looking to really get stock class racing off and running. Gary has been talking with Mimi regarding hosting the racing and i looks like this is possible however it'll be hard to do if it's only 3-4 of us showing up. i've tried to get this going at hobby works but the store just isn't pushing it so there are a couple of us with stock class cars with no where to go with them.

we put together some reasonable rules that we can at least get the conversation going.

Here are the Kyosho Stock Rules, (Ver. 2.1) Updated on 07-11-2011

Open to Kyosho MR-015, MR-02, & MR-03 Mini-Z Chassis. Chassis can be any configuration including LM.

Chassis - No modification (shaving or drilling.)

Motor - Original kit motor only.

PCB - No Modification allowed except for updating to Kyosho 2.4GHz board, No Gyro Allowed

Bodies - Must be Kyosho Kit or Autoscale body, no white bodies allowed. Modification (shaving or drilling, adding wings etc) not allowed. (Exception hole may be drilled in rear deck lid of Ferrari F355 to allow for damper clearance.)

Wheels - Kyosho Plastic wheels only. Styles must match i.e. BBS fronts must be paired with the proper BBS rears, colors can mix and match. Wheels/tires must fit inside the body without rubbing or shaving required.

Tires - Kyosho Brand Rubber tire (No grooving, cutting or silicone based tires allowed)

Batteries - Cars must be powered by four AAA batteries. Alkaline, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries may be used. No other type of battery may be used. For example: Lithium Polymer may not be used.

The ONLY option parts allowed are the following:
Ball Bearings (any none ceramic)
Kyosho Rear Shock Set (#MZ206)

Modifications to the rules
Oils, lubes, greases, tire tape will be allowed in our series.
Allowable ESC modifications are limited to the replacement in kind (same as stock) of fets and other board components.
Autoscale modifications are limited to the minimum clearancing needed for operation of permitted equipment. Shaving bumpers, skirts, windows, etc. will not be allowed. Please choose your autoscale accordingly as there will be no exceptions made thus no excuses.
R246 autoscales that are sold in chassis sets are acceptable. the R390GT1 (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=20907) is an example of this R246 autoscale sold as a chassis set with wheels. those that are not sold in this manner are not acceptable. to spell this out further, other autoscales not sold as chassis sets or readyset are not acceptable either.

If here are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask and we will update this as needed.