View Full Version : My Mini-z Monsters...

Dominick Shaunt
2012.07.23, 03:15 PM
Just got the blue one in the mail today thought i post a pic of both neither will look the same tomorrow going to Frankenstein parts from both together to get one truck i love sell other as a roller to buy more stuff for my mini-z i don't really need lmao ! ...enough talkie on with the pic's ....



2012.07.23, 04:23 PM
Did u just pick that up on ebay, I saw one just like it and wanted it but no cash lol. Nice pick up

Dominick Shaunt
2012.07.23, 05:30 PM
yeah it was the one on ebay ..bought it mainly to finish the all alloy job to my current mini-z if it had went over $185.00 would have let it go by ...later tonight going to breakdown both swap parts .. make one epic monster other will still be very cool as well but will do like i said sell on evilbay to buy few thing for my larger monster trucks (i used there money to buy mini-z so only fair )