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Old Crow
2012.07.27, 12:13 PM
Is this a good product? Better then the previous tape?

2012.07.27, 04:35 PM
Is this a good product? Better then the previous tape?

It is much stronger then old one.

Old Crow
2012.07.28, 01:24 PM
Thanks PN.

Looking for someone who has used it and can attest for it under race conditions. Does it replace glue in any application? Can you run it in a Mod class? Any feedback you can give, thank you.

2012.07.28, 02:41 PM

I race modified at my local track and I have had two failures with this tire tape. Initially I thought it would be as good or better than the r246 product because it stuck well and didn't allow the tire to creep. Both times the tire come off the rim and jammed in between the wheel and the knuckle causing my car to suddenly become disabled on the racing line. One of these occasions led to a very ugly on-track incident when my car shot the wrong direction after the tire gave. The tape stayed on the rim, so it wasn't an issue of dirty rims or poor mounting. The adhesive simply cannot adhere to rubber well enough to be put through the rigors of modified racing. I am a very budget minded racer, so if it was half the price and as good as the 246 stuff I would be singing it's praises.

I advise strongly to stay away from the PN Strong Tire Tape. It is not strong enough. I don't like how the r246 stuff allows the tire to creep, but it's better than the tire coming off and causing a terrible crash.