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2012.07.31, 09:23 PM
now that both the autoscales and whitebodies are available, what are the opinions of it's performance? being 86mm it's as short wheelbase as you get. i currently have a 90mm short wheelbase chassis but really interested in this body but want to know if it's worth the cost of admission.

2012.08.04, 10:22 AM
FYI, RC.P.Sanda (http://rajitensanda.blog73.fc2.com/) shows the whitebody weights only 46g! (packaging and everything)

2012.08.08, 09:22 PM
so no one has taken on the 86mm 906 yet?

2012.08.08, 10:36 PM
I'm playing with one. But dang it is small.

2012.08.08, 10:41 PM
any pics? vids? review? :D

2012.08.09, 11:41 AM
I've thought about arch but I'm waiting for the Audi R8 white body to come out.

2012.08.09, 11:56 AM
any pics? vids? review? :D

Nothing from me yet. I'm still trying to get it on a chassis.

2014.02.13, 01:58 AM
The 906 looks awesome in real life.
Modified it much last night, but not yet tried it.

2014.02.13, 08:38 AM
i look forward to reading about it when you do.

2014.02.13, 12:20 PM
I needed to trim the chassi, since I want it low and I have made a front clip that fits 934 and 935. So now I can use the same front clip for all my Porsches

http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp356/NoBrainerNoN/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183437_zps5ff7d857.jpg (http://s427.photobucket.com/user/NoBrainerNoN/media/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183437_zps5ff7d857.jpg.html)

Then I lowered the body mount by little over 2mm. Or raised them, depending on which way you hold the body. hihi

http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp356/NoBrainerNoN/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183522_zpsfe2ffff2.jpg (http://s427.photobucket.com/user/NoBrainerNoN/media/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183522_zpsfe2ffff2.jpg.html)

I had to shave off some in the front to make it fit. Also some of the window, so that it don't rest on the chassi.

http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp356/NoBrainerNoN/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183512_zps1e50074c.jpg (http://s427.photobucket.com/user/NoBrainerNoN/media/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183512_zps1e50074c.jpg.html)

Then I cut the front lips since I can't stay away from the sidewalls....

http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp356/NoBrainerNoN/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183500_zps2afea9b2.jpg (http://s427.photobucket.com/user/NoBrainerNoN/media/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183500_zps2afea9b2.jpg.html)

I don't have the correct wheels just yet. This is with the 934's rims.

http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp356/NoBrainerNoN/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183825_zpsaf2980a5.jpg (http://s427.photobucket.com/user/NoBrainerNoN/media/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183825_zpsaf2980a5.jpg.html)

I got it quite low

http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp356/NoBrainerNoN/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183811_zpsfe707ac2.jpg (http://s427.photobucket.com/user/NoBrainerNoN/media/RC-miniz/2014-02-13183811_zpsfe707ac2.jpg.html)

I can't use the engine cover, since it's in the way of the DPS.
The Lap-Z transponder I can't fit just yet, the windows is very low on this one.

Now I need some upper arms to complete my setup.

2014.03.23, 08:14 PM
To make this work-

Grind the inside of the front of the body
Remove and modify the side mount area so that you can get it seated as high up in the body as possible
Reverse the king pins
Use the F40 carbon front body mount with the PN adapter and flip the adapter
I used the stock wheels and tires. The rears are from the asc. The fronts are Kyosho 40

I am also running the PN 90RM mount and multi-length disk damper. I used the stock kyosho plastic rear shock post mounted to the motor mount without the aluminum stand-offs. I just ran a machine screw through the top down into the motor mount.

I ran a few laps and no issues!:). I really thought the rear would rub but it doesn't. It could use a wing and the tires will need to be taped or glued.

2014.03.24, 02:17 AM
thanks for sharing... man that looks low...
can you post chassis pics?

2014.03.24, 10:42 AM
No problem getting it low when you cut holes in the rear window and the front hood.
But how does your transponder fit?

2014.03.24, 03:20 PM
thanks for sharing... man that looks low...
can you post chassis pics?

It looks 100x better when it sits the way it should. Updated pics in post.

No problem getting it low when you cut holes in the rear window and the front hood.
But how does your transponder fit?

Pics updated in my post.

If you just ground down the bump under the hood and didn't run a damper you could get it this low. It's actually not hitting the hood like I suspected. It was the kingpins obstructing it but I figured that out after I already ground the hole in the hood :o