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2012.08.01, 02:04 AM
hello ta all , i read a lot and ask some friend for some tips , im still confused about what type of PN motor mount is compatible and the tri suspension system and a lightweight differential , for now im using xspeed motor but soon i will replaced , thank you

2012.08.01, 11:09 AM
I don't think you can use tri-damper on a LM, due to the space required.

PN Racing Mini-Z Precision LM Gear Differential 64P 53T (MR2055LM) can be used.

I don't know know about any PN motormount I have the atomic and I like that one.

2012.08.01, 11:28 AM
From the standpoint of using purely LM components it is my opinion that using only Atomic or R-246 parts is the way to go. Especially for a beginner.

2012.08.01, 11:32 AM
I use atomic motor mount, kyosho yellow damper, pn 50t motor, pn lm ball diff, reflex adjustable front, reflex low king pins, atomic lower front.

I can't see any reason why only use one brand.

2012.08.01, 12:15 PM
I said "purely LM components". That only affects the rear of the car. Like he mentioned in his original post.

2012.08.01, 03:24 PM
I don't have problem if it's not PN , just I like the orange color, so the tri suspension system not gona fit ? Already got kyosho oil sock, now I need alou motor mount

2012.08.02, 01:44 AM
i think this one is going to fit

L.C.G Motor Pod LM V2 Blue (For MR-02 / 03 WB 98-106mm) AR-284-B

2012.08.02, 06:19 PM
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2012.08.03, 04:48 AM
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