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2012.08.04, 03:51 PM
Internet Connection:
Verizon Fios
Actiontec MI424WR Rev.F

(4) Netgear GS608 v3

(2) slim xbox 360
(1) xbox 360
(5) computers
(2) tv's
(2) dvd players
(1) Apple TV
(2) smart phones
(1) iPad
(2) wifi printer

serious issues with multiple Xbox Live connections. as is commonly reported, one or more have open NAT and others have moderate to restricted NAT. in many games, someone joining a party kicks others off. this is problematic because we often have many kid over and they all want to play online and many times, within parties and matches. i've read countless discussions on possible solutions but none seem to be the simple, one right answer. some work for some and not others, etc. i understand Fios routers seem to be a large part of the problem.

no issues with COD or MW
nothing but problems with the transformers cyberton games
occasional problems with halo games

i wish i could explain an the Fios router changes i've made to this point but for an average home networking guy, it's all greek to me. i just followed as many recommendations as i could to get some stuff to work. it's all port forwarding, DMZ, port triggering mess to me. i don't recall having these problems with Comcast but i HATE comcast with a passion (horrible company to deal with) so i'm stuck with Fios.

2012.08.05, 09:42 PM
Well, if I'm correct the problem is your switch. Typically a switch divides the available bandwidth into the number of ports, thus limiting each ports capability as more devices are connected. I would say you need a router. A router does just that, routes the bandwidth to the device as it receives the packet requests. Making a router more efficient in average bandwidth per device with less network loss. On my router, I have three Xbox's running at the same time along with a couple wireless devices (iPad and laptop). And very little lag, if any, on any device. My advice is to go from a switch to router.

2012.08.06, 05:25 AM
The fios modem/ROUTER does that. I do not have lag issues. I have a hard wired house so switches are needed for connectivity to all the rooms. Again, the issue is not bandwidth. It a NAT issue that seems to be well known with fios modems/routers. I just can't seem to find a 100% fix for the problem.

miniz racer
2012.08.06, 08:38 PM
What's your gamertag?

2012.08.06, 09:18 PM
billscurtis, i play using michael's gamertag.