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2012.08.05, 12:02 PM
This is such a huge service to us Mini-Z fans. I wish to make a shout out to Fovea for all his hard work with these amazing custom bodies. His efforts in making the 3D computer models, getting them printed out, finishing them, painting them, detailing them, all for us to enjoy. Simply amazing and such talent you have.
What he's doing was only a dream when we first started racing Mini-Z's. When the MR01 series came out, I remember ton's of people adapting over-sized plastic model kit's to the chassis. Very inventive methods of adaptations and what not.
But nothing compares to this, custom one off bodies on demand? Any thing your imagination can think of, this guy can do and get it to fit the chassis so perfectly, you'd think Kyosho made it themselves!
Thank you Fovea, well done!

2012.08.05, 04:23 PM
Thank you Marc,

Yes it is a huge improvement for the modeling world. It is each time a wonder for me to work on a design and being able to hold it in my hands a few days later. It is something I am not near to be tired from. I noticed that I am improving with the tolerances and material optimization with each new body.

I dream to own a SLS machine and being able to produce the shells myself, this would reduce the cost of the shells maybe by half if not more and make my own packaging possible. This is stage 2.

But we must wait on the generalization with the hardware to happen, because currently such a machine costs in the 6 digits and weights around 200 kilos... And so, being able to "rent" them through Shapeways is a blessing.

As always, patience will be rewarded, for us all.

2012.08.05, 04:36 PM
Now we just need to be able to print in all colors, including crystal clear for windows, tinted windows, lenses, etc!